Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

released on Apr 25, 2003

It is the seventh game of the Fire Emblem series, the second game in the series to be released for the Game Boy Advance, and the first to be released in both North America and Europe. It features a prologue storyline designed to introduce newcomers to Fire Emblem gameplay and tactical basics. The overall narrative is a prequel to the events of the previous game, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, which is set twenty years later.

The game was first released under the localized title "Fire Emblem" in the West, but it was later rebranded as "Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade" when Fire Emblem Heroes was released.

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This was my first Fire Emblem game that I played over a decade ago so I am biased but this will always be one of my favorite games of all time, it's story really isn't the best but I like it and Hector hard mode is peak

Lady Lyndis, what did we say about going to war without underwear?!

A kingdom doesn't like the other one so they fight really hard. The dude with the blue hair on the cover is like superman but with blue hair because if he ain't alien there's no way to explain why he's so BROKEN. 10/10 character. Oh game's fun too.

After Fire Emblem: Three Houses I was left craving more of that TRPG goodness so I went back to the game many consider to be the quintessential (heh) Fire Emblem™ experience.
It sure is a classic. A fair bit simplistic but great nonetheless. The story is tropey as heck, full of gallant, honourable knights and evil wizards who want to take over the world, but it does a good enough job to give each battle context. On the gameplay front I can't say I have any real complaints, besides, it's been too long since I've played SoV and Three Houses is too different to make and real comparisons. The only thing that I'm really pissed about is how the support system in GBA games works. I don't want my character interactions to be gated by parking my units for turns upon turns on every sieze map. I've made my piece with it as I start Sacred Stones and from what I understand it doesn't get worse than this.
P.S RIP Dorcas, my strongest silliest goober. Died at a hand of a certain horse-riding witch right at the end of the game. Damn you, 6% crits.

The first and most loved game in my life :)

Fine game but Cog of Destiny and Battle before Dawn are two of the worst maps in the series on HHM