Flower, Sun, and Rain

released on Mar 06, 2008

Flower, Sun and Rain on Nintendo DS is a port of the PlayStation 2 puzzle adventure game developed by Suda 51.

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Theres a lot of criticism i can make about this game, none of them related to the quality of the port, mind you, but i think the most important thing is that everything FSR does well, it does EXTREMELY WELL, in 2022 im surprised there hasnt been a game like this since.

Still somehow has that immaculate, unparalleled KTP vibe despite the crunchy audio and textures. Also got me to actively want to do math, which is a feat in itself.
The story is intoxicatingly confusing in a particularly enjoyable way. I want to pick Suda's brain. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep going with the series after finishing The Silver Case but this has gotten me very excited to play The 25th Ward as well as given me a new appreciation for The Silver Case.

Actually the best in the Silver Case series.

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