Flynn: Son of Crimson

released on Sep 15, 2021

Traverse a beautifully hand crafted world and unearth the mysteries of a dark past in this fast paced 2D action platformer with metroidvania elements.

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es como genérico pero esta guapo se ve bien chido nose

Flynn is a very typical action adventure where you unlock new moves, weapons and skills along the way. It's not going to win any awards for originality. You know what to expect with those kind of games. However, the one thing that stood out to me was the game's soundtrack. It's beautiful and moving. The game's pixel graphics are also pleasing to the eyes. The battle system shows its true potential when you unlock more options in the second half of the game. The challenge was good enough but it might be perceived as too easy for others. There are some hidden collectibles and optional challenges. The length felt just right. Pick it up when you feel like playing those kind of games, but don't expect a genre redefining game or the best of its kind. It's just fine.

Flynn: Son of Crimson
Developed by: Studio Thunderhorse
Published by: Humble Games
Flynn: Son of Crimson is a solid action platformer.
In Flynn: Son of Crimson the player controls Flynn, a young boy who has a pet magical dog. Flynn like his dog has magical abilities and early on in the game he is forced to set out on an adventure to reclaim the magic that exists across his country.
The story is just a vehicle to progress and evolve the gameplay which is the best part of Flynn: Son of Crimson. The game is 2d and sprite based. In Flynn: Son of Crimson, the player explores different biomes, fights different types of enemies and collect gems that will allow them to upgrade Flynn. The player will also unlock new magical abilities as the story progresses. There are fire attacks, ice attacks, lightning attacks as well as various slash attacks that as mentioned earlier can be upgraded via gems.
Like classic games before its time, think Super Mario World, levels in Flynn have multiple exits that will either progress the story or lead to “challenge” levels where the player will be locked into an arena and be forced to face waves of enemies.
The 2D animations, art design and soundtrack are all great. If feels like you’re playing an “old school” 8-16 bit game but the game doesn’t feel dated.
Overall I enjoyed my time with Flynn: Son of Crimson. The controls could be a bit tighter when it comes to the combat but overall it felt very satisfying and rewarding to clear a level or beat one of the games many bosses.
I’d definitely recommend this game to fans of challenging 2d action platformers. This game can be unforgiving at times but it’s worth it at the end of the day. Pick it up on a sale :)
Played on: Xbox Series X
Review score: 3.5/5

Really enjoyable action platformer that doesn't over stay it's welcome.

This game isn't fun. It's full of grueling platforming and pathetically annoying boss fights. I genuinely can't tell you a time where I was happy to be playing this game. First off, controls are the epitome of a clenched buttocks, it is so stiff for absolutely no reason but to make you feel uncomfortable. Action games' combat (to me) are to suppose to be like you're dancing, everything is swift and there is room for error. This game's combat was not that at all and quite literally made an already awful platformer unbearable.
I will say the game's areas and ost were pretty good, the story is lame and generic which is fine but I rather the final boss have a personality rather than just I hate everything because the script says I do.

nice pixel art and soundtrack, solid mechanics, but just feels pretty bland after half an hour or so. Doesn't seem like a bad 2D platformer by any means, but doubt I'll come back to this one before it leaves Game Pass.
also, performance is weirdly stuttery on PC and I'm not sure why