released on Jan 24, 2023

Forspoken follows the journey of Frey, a young New Yorker transported to the beautiful and cruel land of Athia. In search of a way home, Frey must use her newfound magical abilities to traverse sprawling landscapes and battle monstrous creatures.

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So much wasted potential for something that could've been great; Forspoken almost gets it right. The combat is there, it's fun, and it's flashy. It feels like Luminous (RIP) took the complaints against Final Fantasy XV's combat and really fleshed it out. Swapping between elemental styles of magic each having different abilities and effects is fun to play with, and provides something deeper than what was found in XV's combat design.
Forspoken's world is interesting. It has a really unique approach to how the world uses color. The color of the skies and the landscapes almost never match, resulting in an almost alien world. Trees will be scorched with blue crystals. Cliffsides stained with glowing crimson rock and mineral. Enemies adorned with gold fangs or spikes. It all clashes, but in a way that creates a unique world space for Forspoken. I don't know any game released recently that utilizes such rich and saturated colors for their environments, but the way Forspoken uses it is very endearing.
Unfortunately, where Forspoken truly fails is in its main narrative and character writing. I do not like Frey, at all. It's very clear that the story was written by a white person. Those same bemoaned writing tropes and quips found in your big blockbusters are ever-present in Forspoken dialogue and don't really ever go away. Frey as a character is not interesting, plain and simple. She has a small character arc, and that's most of her character development. What we are left with is a snarky and obnoxious lead character that I just cannot get invested in. A big help is playing with Japanese VA, the lips aren't synced but at least the voice acting isn't horrible to accompany the already horrible writing. To make matters somewhat worse, when stripped of its characters - Forspoken is your base standard isekai. There isn't anything particularly unique about it, which is a shame because the world itself holds interesting and deep lore.
In what could have been a great game; Forspoken's combat, world, and art style can only take the game so far until forced to interact with the story.

Mesmo depois de todo o hate e flop desse jogo queria ver com os meus próprios olhos como era esse jogo. E sinceramente eu entendi o porque das críticas, Forspoken prometeu muito e entregou nada, uma história que poderia ser bem mais explorada, foi completamente rushada e omitida por uma protagonista muito pobre em todas as características como personagem, o combate é o ponto forte do jogo, porém a maneira em que o universo do jogo foi desenvolvido para por em prática a exploração e combate é extremamente genérica, repetitiva, sem vida, exploração complemente sem significado e sensação de recompensa, os desafios são todos idênticos, colocar na maior dificuldade me deu um up a mais porém os fatores que eu citei acima fez com que eu rushasse o jogo para terminar logo, se da para elogiar algo, o último boss foi pelo menos uma experiência interessante e desafiadora, mas de maneira geral, é vergonhoso o que a Square fez aqui, gráficos extremamente ultrapassados, dá impressão que não houve planejamento, simplesmente fizeram de qualquer jeito, infelizmente não recomendo o jogo.

Bu yıl beklediğim oyunlardan biriydi ama... Olmadı ya. Oynanışta potansiyeli vardı ama gerek PS3'ten kalma açık dünya tasarımı, gerek klişe senaryo, gerek anlamsız karakter davranışları derken canımı sıktı. Üzüldüm.

f the haters. this game was a great experience. the gameplay is top fucking tier and the story was enjoyable. open world was quite empty and the sidequests were boring, but overall, I’d definitely recommend a one time playthrough.

i sorta wanna play it just to see how bad it really is

This game is not that bad. It's horribly mediocre but it has a lot of charm and originality to it once you get past the Marvel level protagonist. The world is genuinely interesting, more so than something like Assassin's Creed or Horizon. If this game had a stronger protagonist, it would've been received a lot better.
This game is the definition of wasted potential.