Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 8

released on Sep 13, 2021

A season of Fortnite: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Season 8, is the eighteenth season in Fortnite: Battle Royale that started on September 13th, 2021 and finished on December 4th, 2021. It's themed around the Cubes that fell on the island after the Alien Mothership was destroyed and is title Cubed.

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Why am I attracted to the carnage skin

Not bad season, i cant really remember much of it. The event was fire though and the battle pass was decent even though I never bought it. All around not bad

i played one game this season and hated it. half star for the cool monkey skin

Overhated with exception to the nasty cube oil visual that ruined the map

Hear ye, hear ye to another mid season! Cubed was something unexpected, they practically brought back the silly purple cubes from Chapter 1, Season 5 and they double folded the gimmick and made like 10 other cubes that were just going around the map finding its way to the center. It was cute, eventful if anything as it was a mini celebration in between niche internet groups (like my friend group), but overall the season was just very alright, but more leading to bad just because of how forgettable it was.
Sideways weapons were introduced which were cool as hell, but the PvE got really messy in this one inside of those pimples in the map, which, I might add, even though there were cubes wrecking havoc in almost all cardinal directions the map did NOT have any significant changes up until the final weeks of it (asides from the stupid very stupid purple Minecraft building in the middle of the map), which was a letdown that it was just that one day it turned orange and that was it. Pretty disappointing stuff.
Now, the Battle Pass was a case of the The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly; in one hand we have genuinely good looking skins like Torin, Charlotte and Toona Fish, then we have bad skins like Fabio mother fucking Sparklemane. (the ugly would be Kor and J.B. Chimpanski but honestly they're not even that bad it's just Fabio that's the worst skin ever made)
So, a lot of gear that wasn't coming from those first skins was pretty damn bad, honestly it showed that they just picked the bottom of the barrel when it came to concept skins... And Carnage was level 100 again. (yeah, this is what I was referring to with crossover skins being level 100)
At least The End event for this chapter was kinda good, the cinematic was very well knowing that it ended up with the damn island flipping on itself. The playable part was alright too.

This season had an INCREDIBLE live event, a really good battle pass, but shit everything else...
I didn't play much this season because it got so boring, and the mythics were so OP this season I'm glad they didn't last long...
What did I like? LIVE EVENT!!! It was (in my opinion) the BEST Live event in Fortnite History, apart from maybe Travis Scott but I didn't even play Fortnite then.
This live event genuinely made me emotional seeing the Chapter 2 island that I had made so many memories on flip over to our new one as nostalgia rushed through my mind.
However... apart from the live event and the decent battle pass, this season was shit...
What didn't I like? All they did to the map was take a massive shit on it, literally the map looked like crap with the new colour scheme.
The only new POI was the one in the middle with the Cube Queen that was kinda just sitting there in the sky, there were NO materials here, crap loot, and because there were no mats someone who was fully kitted from the neighbouring POI could come and third party you with EASE
We got Venom and Carnage mythics, cool, but who tf wanted to be yeeted half way across the map whenever they were in a fight and take hella fall damage from it?! It was so broken and especially with the recon scanner, you weren't safe, no matter where you were, this bitch mythic would find and kill you, and there were only 2 of them, and you got redeploy whilst having these bitch ass mythics in your inventory!
It's such as shame THIS was what sent Fortnite into Chapter 3, however I think the live event and lore saved this season alone, which is pretty impressive.
Fortnite always finds ways to turn things around and they did just that with the season that came after, aka Chapter 3.