Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 3: Wrecked

Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 3: Wrecked

released on May 24, 2024

Fortnite: Chapter 5 - Season 3: Wrecked

released on May 24, 2024

Ah, the wasteland… the possibilities seem as vast as the grains of sand. So vast that the “Wasteland Warriors” don’t want to give up control. This band of marauders brings a whole new meaning to scrappy crew — each one is an automobile expert who’ll tread on any rebellion. In Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 3: Wrecked, get in the driver’s seat and bring the Nitro to these vehicular villains!

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A big disappointment for me personally. I got excited for the idea of this season because C2S3 was one of my all time favorites, and that season was based on shifting a ton of the game to being about boats and water. I thought a season all about cars might be similar and fun.

Unfortunately it feels like this season wasn't really designed with solo modes in mind. You can't both drive and shoot at the same time making car combat really awkward and unfun. I'm sure this was probably a blast with a full squad but that's just not how I play this game.

Loot pool was also just not particularly exciting. Magneto powers were really busted and not that fun. The fists were neat but were nerfed before I even got to really use them. The battlepass was mid. Better than C5S2 but not by a lot. No big events during the season to really shake things up either.

I genuinely didn't think it could get worse after last season...but here we are. I am one more bad season away from dropping this fucking game. What a complete pile of shit.

Feels like they just pick a "theme" and do one or two things with said theme and then just leave it for 3 months. They will add new stuff, nerf it into the ground and just stop working on it to work on other shit. The obsession with the METAVERRRSEEEE has collapsed this game into a mess of terribly designed mechanics barely functioning with one another. Everyone else is too busy making 50 other game modes. There's barely any new skins anymore with updates, all the shops are a waste of time, most of the new emotes are dogshit. How do you fuck up something as raw and cool as "Heavy Metal Apocalypse"?

TLDR everything this company puts out now feels like it's barely half baked and doesn't function properly or it's poorly thought out and left to play itself out until the season ends.

Saving grace of this season is that the new fortnite mode Fortnite:reload is really fun. Old hit scan guns, fun loot pool + old inspired map. Give it a try. 4/5 stars

Interesting additions to the main gameplay mode but I think the overall impact was for the worst. Insane movement options in the lootpool/cars. OK battle pass skins 2/5 stars

this game still sucks dick but i needed to get Magneto, the Fallout armor and eventually Jack Sparrow and this is also the first time i haven't been stockholmed into thinking the season was fun for once in a while i doubt i will come back for the next Marvel season unless Darkhawk shows up which will never ever happen

Honestly the most I've had fun with Fortnite in a while, I haven't touched this game since Chapter 1 - Season 9 and I'm glad I tried out the game again. Except for reload, why are so many sweats on that game mode? Even on zero build, I've only won ONCE

I do not care what anyone says, this season is the BOMB!!!! I fucking love running over people. Hell, I love being run over by other people. I love the big ass explosions and the fuckin chaos that's everywhere. I ONLY play zero build, and this season's focus on cars goes very well with the zero build mode. THIS SEASON WAS MADE FOR ME, BROTHER!!!!!! I've had really good laughs with my friends with this one. It's PEAK FORTNITE!!!!!!!