released on Jul 25, 2017

Fortnite is the completely free online game where you and your friends fight to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, join forces to make your own Creative games, or catch a live show at Party Royale.

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This game has gone downhill. Bad, and I mean BAD BAD. The balancing is unfathomably horrendous. This doesn't even feel like the same game I played all those years ago. If the only enjoyment I can find in your game is fucking around in "Family Guy Zonewars" with my friends that is an issue. For starters, why in gods name are the snipers so bad. The drop and time to hit is horrendous for a gun that doesnt even one hit to the head, dont even get me started on overshield. Picking up a sniper in that gamemode is a detriment. You quite literally do what, 70 damage? With a weapon pool right now that supports an infinite chargable shield heal that is despicable. Shotguns have also lost their one hit property. It feels like the best strategy is to just sit far away with your 100% accurate AUG with insane DPS or the DMR thats slightly worse. Gameplay feels lame and boring. Add that on top of the fact the switch version is awful. I freeze and drop frames constantly and I swear to god I don't get aim assist. I feel like im going crazy but even the slightest tap puts my reticle way past the enemy. I don't like the game.

I killed everyone.

I won Fortnite.

I am the best.

A uns tempos atrás era masterpiece, mas parece que a cada temporada que passa o jogo fica mais desinteressante. 3 estrelas em consideração ao que já foi um dia

Honestly a 3.5 but it gets an extra star because Redditors annoy me. Also DBZ skins are getting added so that's cool

Was good for maybe a year, would've gotten a 4.5, but by the time it ended it left most people with a bad taste in their mouth

This game is the peak of soulless corporate media designed only to make money off of predatory practices and flexing IP's to draw anyone who may be interested in them at all into the game's vortex, but they are gonna add Goku so I will play it again and I will purchase the battle pass too