Fossil Fighters: Frontier

released on Mar 19, 2015

Fossil Fighters: Frontier adds to the excitement of the Fossil Fighters series with a unique first: players can now hop into their vehicles and drive around exotic locations to excavate fossils, which transform into real-life dinosaurs known as Vivosaurs. Players battle their Vivosaur with wild Vivosaurs they encounter on digging adventures.

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This game sucks ass. The art direction is great, all the dinos are nice, the character design is nice, the graphics are cool, but the gameplay is terrible. The combat is terrible, the movement of the car is terrible. They literally destroyed this cool franchise here.

I wantec this game to be good SO BADLY!
I was exstatic when it was announced since it had been 5 years since Champions. I bought it day on as a young 16 year old ready to dig up fossils and fight with was not good.

First of all, why cars? It feels like they were making a car racing game and decided to make it a Fossil Fighters game midway through development.

Battling is probably the worst combat I've ever experienced in any game.

Characters are doodoo butter.

Music was forgettable.

The only good things I can say about it is the character artwork is nice and the concept of going around the world to visit dig sites was pretty neat. Other than that I despise this game for killing one of my favorite series.

If we ever get a new Fossil Fighters game I PRAY that it's back to the Champions gameplay.

This game is actual ass. FFF is an example of how not to handle:
- Exploration
- AI party members
- Narrative
- Characters
- Combat system
- Don't even get me started on the Final Boss, which makes you unlearn everything the game has been teaching you in order to stand a chance. They give you a fantastic starter the entire game and condition you to rely only on that. Since the combat system is heavily AI dependent, you likely do not have any other Vivosaurs, so when they make you lose him the game just feels awful.

Dear lord what a drop in quality. I played the original game many years ago and loved it but never got around to Champions. I was at a game store and saw this and was interested. After about 2 hours I ended up returning that game. Just play the original 2 on the DS and avoid this one.