Friends vs. Friends

released on May 30, 2023

Friends vs Friends is a frantic, online PvP shooter that combines combat and deck building. Choose a character, build your deck, and test your friendship with the craziest card effects. Fast - Fun - Friends!

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É bem ruinzinho pra falar a verdade, apesar de ser bastante chamativo.
Só tem como jogar online e a gunplay é bastante esquisita, o sistema de lootboxes (que serve para montar os decks) é bem esquisito.
Se quiser algo pra jogar com amigos é melhor jogar outra coisa ou esperar alguma free weekend desse aqui.

Eh...esse jogo é meio chatinho. Não é tão divertido, tem muito pouca variedade de modos e mapas e é pay to win.
Ele também é meio bugado, principalmente com modelos passando por paredes.
Mas sei la, se vc não tem nada melhor pra fazer pode ser legal jogar 1x1 eu imagino. Mas tem tanta opção melhor no mercado que sei la

Played this during the free weekend with 3 other friends and we all had a blast. Extremely engaging and addictive shooter, genuinely the only game ever to get me engaged with deck building. The concept of using cards while in an fps gameplay environment is so unique and versatile and the developers clearly put a lot of time and effort into making the game very tightly balanced. Not to mention the 1v1 or 2v2 format and the fact that the game advertises itself as more of a game to play with friends rather than an online experience that depends on servers staying up as long as possible, it doesn't run into the future proofing issue a lot of other multi-player games run into. When I saw the trailers for it I was a little skeptical since it reminded me a lot of csgo or valorant and I really don't enjoy the positioning focused game play experience those games provide, however if you go into this expecting that kind of game that is absolutely not what you will get, friends vs friends is mostly about hectic and often chaotic close quarters combat encounters that focus far more on using your cards at the best times and your ability to track a target. It's certainly a gameplay experience that resonates with an old tf2 player like me more than walking around an empty map for most of the game until I turn a corner and get one shot through a wall 50 yards away.

Bloody is no longer my friend :(

Very fun game to play with friends... probably. (Daxxurus pls come back)
Has a very cool art style and presentation overall however the gameplay lacks in depth and it often feels like it's just another FPS where the person with more shooter game practice wins it all. Even when the matchmaking is fair in terms of skill, it comes down to who has better RNG since some cards are clearly way better than others.
I can do with a lack of tutorial but at least make the "tutorial" slides a pop-up when a new player first boots up the game. I didn't see them until I already played 3 matches.
Overall even though I would recommend this game to play with people that you know for short while, I cannot give you any advice on how you can convince them to buy it (or even buy it yourself for that matter, I played it on a free weekend after all(Okay it's actually not bad for £4 or so when it's on sale, but not worth the full price of £9))
Also the devs giving a big middle finger to P2W games of this nature has not gone unappreciated :)

lo he descubierto gracias a chuso porque los desarrolladores son colegas suyos
la verdad que es un juego con un arte muy bonito, el gameplay es original y entretenido y se juega mejor con amigos. lo único que tal vez es demasiado frenético para mi y tengo que acostumbrarme a que haya tantos estímulos.