released on Sep 14, 2017

Fugl is a meditative game in which you experience the thrill of flying as a bird. Feel the breeze under your wings as you glide serenely across picturesque landscapes, or kick up the excitement and soar up steep cliffs like an eagle. With no set rules the free roaming gameplay let’s you discover the unspoilt beauty and secrets of the world at your own pace.

Fugl’s world is a vast and unique voxel playground. It is procedurally generated yet carefully crafted, with diverse areas to explore. Discover tropical beaches, snowy mountains, endless deserts and old growth forests. Each environment is rich in diverse wildlife with hundreds of animals to find. All are fascinating to observe, and you may even be lucky enough to stumble across rare mythical creatures. Spend time with these other animals for your bird to take on new visual characteristics and flying behaviours inspired by them.

Give the world of Fugl your own creative touch by personalising it in the profound level editor and craft your custom bird in the avatar editor.

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fun to fly around in, a bit weird to fly as a bird or bear tho

i like to get high and open this game

Bird flaps it's wings, good chemical enters my brain.

literally not even a game, but it def works as a chill and pretty way to just zone out and i guess meditate while keeping your fingers busy