Gal Metal

released on Feb 08, 2018

Planet Earth is on the brink of invasion after humanity ruined the peace and quiet of the universe with the broadcast of metal music on the Voyager probe's Golden Record. Aliens picked up the signal and couldn't stop headbanging, and now they're dying off because of it… so they want revenge!

A few rogue extraterrestrials make their way to the source of the music and abduct two high school students from the Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji: an unnamed boy, and a drummer named Rinko from an outrageous girls-only metal club. The aliens needed an emissary with whom to discuss the terms of their revenge, and felt either of these two would serve nicely. However, being unable to choose between them, the aliens simply decided to merge their souls into a single being!

Now, working together, the all-in-one pair must team up with the other members of K.M.G. (the Kichijoji Metal Girls) to rid the planet of these eight-tentacled extraterrestrials using the power of metal. It’s time to rock these music-hating creeps all the way back to whatever planet they came from!

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This game is cool, but my sense of rhythm is terrible. Also playing it genuinely hurt my hands and arms.

i wish this game was good

Unfortunately, for all its innovation, this game sits right between the point where I could appreciate it as a rhythm gamer, and the point where I could appreciate it as a musician. The freestyle drumming is high in concept but flawed in its execution as it never felt as if points were awarded for musicality but rather arbitrarily chaining patterns to rack up combos. Apart from that, the story is fun and original. I sincerely hope this concept gets revisited.

There's a great demanding rhythm game here that I simply am not fit for.
My brain isnae wired for this kinda thing. I like being told what to hit and when. It feels like a game that's definitely gonnae be more enjoyable for actual drummers. Luckily, it's quite forigving, so even when I felt overwhelmed and had to resort back to the basic fills I could remember, I was still able to progress.
Daft wee alien story with some nice Toshinao Aoki artwork.