Gargoyle's Quest II

released on Jul 17, 1992
by Capcom

The Law of the Claw!

Before Man ruled the world there were the monsters of Etruria. One such beast Firebrand the Gargoyle. must act to
restore the magic that quickly fades from the Ghoul Realm. Join him on his perilous journey as he looks for the origin of a mysterious dark beam of light.

This epic quest features a hero with leathery wings and the claws of a lion. Breathe fire at hideous creatures that hunger for your essence. Dodge magical assaults. deadly traps and cunning opponents that will stop at nothing to protect their ghastly secret! See if you have what it takes to solve riddles while battling for your very life!

-State-of-the-art Graphics with incredible Music and Sound!
-Collect magical items to boost your awesome powers!
-From the sensational hit that set the standard for Game Boy!

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Wow this was rly just the first game again except kinda worse

Less of a sequel and more akin to a remake/remix, it's pretty much the same as the first game with worse level design and better graphics. If you liked the first one, you'll probably like this one, though the side-scrolling sections are more reflex-testing, not as much as something like Mega Man but definitely more than its slower-paced predecessor. Music is still good, writing is less charming.

It's a good game, but it wasn't as charming as the first one, can't really put my finger on why. Maybe the OST is a bit weaker, and the game feels a bit shorter than the first one as well. Though this could be because I played it right after beating the first one.
Felt like it was kind of retreading the same ground as the first one, but if you enjoyed the first one, you'll get a kick out of this.

Played the Game Boy version of this.
More of the same of the first game, which is kinda lame in this case. They got rid of the random battles, which is great, but added lot of blind jumps with spikes at the bottom.
Unremarkable game but it was fun enough to keep playing.

The first game but it looks better and plays worse.

If you liked Gargoyle's Quest, chances are you will like the sequel (prequel?) just as much, because it is essentially the same game with improved graphics. Sure, all the levels are completely new, but the gameplay is almost completely unchanged.
However, some minor problems have emerged, and none of those that plagued the previous game have been fixed. These include the shortened running time, which makes the game seem a bit half-hearted and as if it never had a chance to reach its full potential. However, these problems do not detract too much from the product as a whole, so I think Gargoyle's Quest II is still worth a look.