Gears 5

released on Sep 10, 2019

From one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas, Gears is bigger than ever, with five thrilling modes and the deepest campaign yet. With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera – herself.

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Gears 4's campaign was an absolute mess, which is why this one surprised me so much. They took what was possibly one of their worst campaigns and turned it into a very fun experience. I absolutely love the settings in this, you get to experience Sera as a planet instead of just another earth clone with linear levels. They took a big risk making this a pseudo open world experience but it worked great in my opinion. being able to explore a gears game like this was magical. The campaign in and of itself was very good in my opinion, has lots of replay-ability due to player choice affecting some outcomes.

Regarding the multiplayer, its standard gears multiplayer. I enjoy the addition of being able to see how much damage your shot did to the opponent, its nice to know if you actually had a bad shot vs thinking the game just didnt register it or something.

Horde mode, I am absolutely not a fan. as a game mode in and of itself its good, it just lacks what the predecessors before it had. Customization. sure, you technically can choose whatever character you want, but the addition of ultimates makes some better than others, and that removes the personality from it in my opinion. It was nice seeing people choose their favorite characters and being able to talk to them about it, now it seems more about meta than who people truly like.

they put batista in this bitch!!!!

A galinha pintadinha
E o galo carijó
A galinha usa saia
E o galo, paletó

A galinha ficou doente
E o galo nem ligou
E os pintinhos foram correndo
Pra chamar o seu doutor

O doutor era o peru (glu, glu)
E a enfermeira era um urubu
E a agulha da injeção
Era a pena de um pavão (ui!)

Pó, pó, pó, pó, pó
Pó, pó, pó, pó, pó
Pó, pó, pó, pó, pó

Militar Macho (e Fêmea) Bombado Viril The Game: a lacração não tem limites

Los puntos medios de Gears siempre son su fuerte, una historia épica, explorando los límites de la jugabilidad del Gears Of War clásico añadiendi misiones secundarias, personajes memorables con un gran desarrollo a lo largo de la historia, Gears 5 consigue hacer su propia historia interesante, llena de acción en el mejor de los sentidos y reformulando la historia del videojuego por completo.
Momentos de alegría, tensión, acción e incluso pérdida y tristeza convergen en este arco narrativo que devolvió el esplendor a la saga, esto ya no es una adición innecesaria para continuar con la historia como lo es el 4, esto es historia por sí misma. Me sorprendió bastante.
Ya quiero ver la conclusión de esta historia.

First of all, I have to say how incredible this game is on Xbox Series X with Dobly Vision and Dobly Atmos. The cinematics are beautiful.

...But... It has some problems.

The story made me fell kind of lost. I only played Gears 4, so maybe that's the reason but what the hell is CGO? It's the same problem that I saw on Gears 4. Could you take a moment just to explain me this universe? I know there's a flashback right in the beginning but wasn't enough to make me understand everything that I needed.

The gameplay is really cool and I undestand why this franchise is so import for the game industry. It has one of the best cover systems that I ever see. It's really fun to move fast from a wall to another one.

By the way, Kate is so much better than JD. I really liked the fact we play with her in this one.

It's a really nice game but I had headackes sometines when I was playing with headphones. Pay attention if you usually have this problem!

You'll probaly have fun with Gears 5 if you like third person shooter games games but something is missing to make Gears 5 special and unforgettable.