Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

released on Oct 03, 2019

Hunt, fight and trap a variety of new and familiar ghouls and phantasms, all remastered in HD resolution. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered equips you with cool gadgets and upgradeable weapons to play with in huge boss fights and destructible environments. Scan and analyze targets with the P.K.E. Meter and Paragoggles, then strap on your Proton Pack to wear ghosts down with the blast stream before wrangling them with the capture stream.

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I really enjoyed playing this game and i would really say play it if you havent so then you can jump into number 2, no missable trophies but i could be wrong (sorry if i am).

Its a video game movie that feels like it could be an actual sequel but man this game plays like crap and doesn't look that great either. It also doesn't save your changes when you save your settings so every time you load it up you have to put in your changes again. It could have been good if it was at least fun to play but it isn't.

I'm on a big ghostbusters kick and this was pretty nice!

Felt like a true sequel to the original film, more so than the actual sequel. Voiced by the original cast, you join the Ghostbusters as a no-name Rookie to combat ghosts, gain some closure and dive deeper into the lore of Gozer. It's full of fan service, and as a fan, I loved every second of it. The audio wasn't great though, sounding like a lower quality than the game deserved but you do sort of get used to it after a while. The AI of the actual squad is quite bad though, there were a few fights I spent more time reviving than combating ghosts. I was pleasantly surprised at how spooky it was and wish there were more games like this.

This is the real third movie.
The dialogue was absolutely worth the couple of hours I spend with the game.

I feel like this game was purposely made for #1 fans of the Ghostbusters movies, unfortunately, I'm not the #1 fan of the Ghostbusters movies. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the game.