released on Aug 04, 2022

GigaBash is a 4 player arena brawler, play from a colorful cast of characters inspired by classic monster tropes, each with their own unique skillset. Rampage around the world in familiar battlegrounds, such as cities & jungles, each with a unique mechanic designed. Transform into an S-class Titan for an epic comeback, or dominate your foes in style with your Ultimate. The game emphasizes on accessibility & pure fun, seeking to unite players on the couch for a casual bash or a competitive brawl.
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Very reminiscent of the Pipeworks Godzilla games. A fun game to play every now and then on the Steam Deck. I could imagine this being fun in couch co-op too.

This pretty good.
it does have a single-player campaign which is pretty neat, seeing different cute little kaiju stories unfold.
but let's face it, you're here for the multiplayer, which is pretty fun.
Aside from the usual versus there are loads of little mini-game modes that are quite fun.
the game doesn't have the biggest roster of characters but I do like every one of them, especially after the Godzilla dlc.
definitely a fun couch co-op game to play that you'll especially enjoy if you're both little Kaiju nerds

Good ol Kaiju fun. Godzilla DLC really takes the cake!

I only bought this game for the Godzilla dlc.
This harkens back to the old ps2 atari pipeworks games and War of the Monsters, a game type we've been severely lacking in recent time. Simple but fun, don't expect anything deep.

A+ for presentation, there's some really awesome, unique kaiju here and they captured some very authentic feeling physics for all of them. Playing Thundertross in particular is amazing, the way his sword is somehow weighted as if right out of a Megazord fight scene. Very nice music, too.
That said, this is a disappointingly simple fighting game. Every character has unique mechanics, but these mechanics almost come off as 'mash to win' buttons that just make every fight incredibly easy. Whether you're zoning with little limit as Pipiguras or capturing foes at every turn with Woolie, everyone has a distinct skill that adds a lot to their character but has little balance, making almost every character braindead to fight well as. As soon as you figure out your character's cheapest move with no cooldown, you have your win condition and the whole experience is kind of a cake walk.

I was on the Playtest of this game, and despite some online issues, the game itself is a lot of fun. Highly anticipating to play some more of this game it's a blast. Please guys look up this game and see if you're interested, gotta support this dev team.
I'll update this review when it comes out but that play test was great man.