God of War HD

released on Nov 17, 2009

Unleash the power of the Gods and embark on a merciless quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior driven to destroy Ares, the God of War. Armed with lethal double chainblades, Kratos must carve through mythology’s darkest creatures— including Medusa, Cyclops, the Hydra and more, while solving intricate puzzles in breathtaking environments. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution.

Remastered at a resolution of 720p.
Anti-aliased graphics for 60 frames per second gameplay.

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The first game of our dear Kratos Franchise has reason to be considered one of the essential games of the Playstation 2. Coming with the proposal of a Hack n' Slash that takes place in Greek Mythology, I clearly remember being one of the first products of Culture Pop with a focus on Greek Mythology that I came to consume.
And I loved the way they were able to represent important myths like Medusa, Hydra, Ares, Athena, the Oracles and how they were able to add a fictional character in the middle of it all.
The essence of Kratos is something that is certainly carried over into the game's gameplay. Extremely brutal and cold, and soaked in blood.
The combat system is very intuitive, without many complications, it basically consists of you spamming a button, and sometimes alternately spamming another button. In addition, the presence of a QTE system for more difficult enemies and Bosses tries to enrich the game's combat by making it a little more difficult. The character's improvement system is based on orbs, which are obtained by killing enemies and opening chests.
The story is pretty cool and the gameplay follows the level of the story. The most repetitive and difficult part for me was definitely Pandora's temple. And that part was responsible for tiring me out a bit.

Game is pretty great. The combat is nice and smooth with many options to play around. However, the gameplay outside of combat can vary in quality from tedious to okay. Platforming is not the game's forte and unfortunately there's a level where it's almost entirely platforming and it's by far my least favorite level in the game. The upgrade system is nothing to write home about and is very basic although you have to hold down Cross in order to buy upgrades and later in the game that can become very annoying as the upgrades you need to use thousands of orbs and it doesn't speed up to account for that. Story is good nothing fancy but good enough to keep my attention and to facilitate the gameplay. The game's pacing is nice for the most part, but the Pandora's Temple section could have been trimmed a little bit. I definitely understand why this spanned such a long series and I hope Sony ports this and the other God of War games to modern consoles.

Coming in as a fan of 2018 and Ragnarök, this was amazingly fun to finally experience.

By the end of this game I actually kind of fell in love with it, the world absolutely charmed me despite the shallow (to give it credit it's more like knee-deep) combat. However despite all of that it left me wanting to play Devil May Cry instead. I'm very interested in continuing this series though.

The spectacle of this game is unmatched by any freaking game in this genre. The music, the views, the feeling of taking on a God at the final act, and seeing these GIGANTIC ancient buildings that all tell a story just from their designs. It is incredible this game was a PS2 title. The story is surprisingly interesting?? With like actual emotional writing, character arcs, and revelations?? Coming from DMC, and Ninja Gaiden, it shocked me how invested I was in Kratos's story of manipulation, sadness, and his descent into anger. And what a fantastic finale!
Oh yeah...the combat. Ummm, you mash. You block, and you spam magic. If you don't have magic, sometimes you just lose, and sometimes RNG is on your side. There's some complexity with aerial combat and how enemies bounce, but it will not help succeed in this game. Square, square, and triangle is your only optimal combo for 75% of this game. QTE's are fun, but they become exhausting after the 30th QTE. Enemies are varied, but fighting them becomes exhausting when they keep on respawning, or their health seems to be infinite. It all gets very exhausting after hour 3. To make things worse, some gauntlets are miserable to get through (Zeus Mountain, I am looking at you!). But thankfully, there are some puzzles and platforming to break up the combat, which ranged from serviceable to pretty neat. The Bosses are cool, but there's so little of them. Why? Not sure. But nonetheless, this game was pretty enjoyable for the most part. Nothing really grabs me mechanically to ever revisit this game, but the story has gotten me hyped to see where Santa Monica took their series next.

Forgot how damn great this game is and I basically played through the whole game in one 7 hour sitting yesterday because I couldn't put it down once I started. This is a game I played a lot as a kid and it definitely left a huge impact on me because even 15 years later I still remembered almost every single thing about the game from the level design to the puzzles and story as if I had just played it yesterday.
God of War is a game that wears its influences on its sleeve proudly taking elements and ideas from series like Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry, Onimusha and ICO and God of War was described by David Jaffe himself as not being developed to be innovative or unique. Yet the funny thing is 17 years later and God of War is a game that has become so iconic and influential due to how it masterfully blended all its influences into a whole new breed of action adventure game unlike anything seen before that it spawned an entire generation of games that desperately wanted to be the next God of War.
Like I said, God of War is such an iconic game and franchise that it is so ingrained into gaming culture to where I don't even need to do a super long review on it because you'd be hard pressed to find someone who isn't familiar with the game or Kratos as a protagonist, but I'm still going to do it anyways just because it is a classic and deserves to be talked about in depth.
God of War is a dark and tragic filled modern take on a classic Greek odyssey that follows the story of Kratos, a once great commander in the Spartan army now a very broken and troubled man looking to find peace from the nightmares of his countless unspeakable crimes that haunt his dreams, Kratos is tasked by Athena to kill the God of War Ares and promised to be absolved of his sins if he completes this task.
Right from that very first iconic opening cut-scene of Kratos jumping off the highest cliff in Athens attempting to end it all, the story instantly pulls you in and the plot is slowly revealed with some thoughtful twists and turns as you make your way through the game. This is a simple story compared to many nowadays, but it is also a timeless one that focuses around the themes of vengeance and anger and I think that's exactly what makes it so memorable and effective.
Now I'm not going to say Kratos was the first anti-hero in video games, but I will say he was one of the first to popularize this style of protagonist and back in 2005 there really was no one else like him which definitely helps set the game apart from its contemporaries. Kratos is a brutal, ruthless wrathful man who has killed many in his past, will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and he's not above sacrificing innocents if it benefits him. Everywhere you go characters in the world recognize Kratos and are terrified of him, but even with all that said there's still an air of tragedy to his character, this is a man who lashes out at the world through rage and hate simply because he doesn't know or understand any other way and you can't help but feel sorry for him and wonder if there could've been another way.
Gameplay is primarily divided into two sections. You've got the core combat which is the bulk of the gameplay and while it feels a lot more barebones compared to many games nowadays, it's still a fun and fast system with plenty of weapons, powers and combos to chain together and accommodate different playstyles from Kratos' main weapon the whip-like Blades of Chaos to the AOE spell Poseidon's Wrath or the ranged spell Zeus' Fury there's a little for all occasions. While not in combat there's plenty of well crafted platforming and puzzle sections to make sure the combat never becomes too monotonous.
God of War is a game that is notable for its cinematic presentation. While most other games suffered from immersion-breaking loading screens back in the day, God of War's story mode switches seamlessly from the title screen to FMV sequences, to gameplay, and back, with very little load time. I read that David Jaffe took inspiration from Indiana Jones while making the game and I believe it because God of War is an epic journey like no other, from fictionalized versions of the real-world Aegean Sea and city of Athens to the Desert of Lost Souls, Temple of Pandora and even the Underworld itself, God of War features plenty of grandiose locations to explore. The fixed camera angles and bombastic film score OST really help to enhance the cinematic qualities of every new area Kratos visits while on his adventure as well.
From its fast and fluid combat to its dark and mature story of vengeance and tragedy alongside its sprawling grandiose locations to explore, God of War is truly a timeless classic and even 17 years later it is still one of the greatest action adventure games ever made. This quest to kill a god is one you don't want to miss out on.