God of War II HD

released on Nov 17, 2009

Kratos, the once mortal warrior turned ruthless god, sits atop his throne on Olympus as a threat far worse than his predecessor Ares had ever been, striking down anyone who crosses his path or the path of his beloved Sparta. The 'Ghost of Sparta' sets out to alter that which no mortal or god has ever changed. His fate.

Remastered at a resolution of 720p.
Anti-aliased graphics for 60 frames per second gameplay.

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Unlike most people, God of War II was for me the least interesting game in the original trilogy. I found it very boring, and very similar to the first game in the Franchise. Most of the new features of the second game of the Franchise, I think they were better used in the third game of the Franchise.
The addition of a considerable number of Battles against Bosses was an extremely positive point, including the diversity of fights and the rewards they brought us.

Replaying God of War II for the first time in 15 years reminded me why I loved this game so much as a teenager and why it is still my favorite of the trilogy. The PS2 has a library of over 1000 games and even so you'd be hard pressed to find many that reach the same heights as God of War II, truly one of the finest games available on the system.
God of War II picks up roughly 13 years after the events of the first game. Kratos is now the new God of War. Shunned by his fellow gods for his destructive ways, Kratos finds a new family in his Spartan Army and starts to lay waste to Greece one city at a time. Naturally this angers Zeus and he takes matters into his own hands by betraying Kratos, stripping him of his godly power and killing him out of fear that Kratos will kill him first. Kratos finds new allies in the Titans who are the sworn enemies of the Gods and after crawling out of Hades itself he sets out on a new quest for revenge against the Gods by journeying to the Island of Creation and seeking an audience with the Sisters of Fate in hopes of turning back time, changing his fate and stopping Zeus' betrayal before it ever even happens.
Running nearly double the length of the first game, this story is just simply epic from start to finish and I love the themes of defying the Gods and taking fate into your own hands. Kratos' quest to change fate itself mostly takes place on the Island of Creation, but the level design is so well crafted, creative and diverse you'd think it was an epic sprawling adventure across the whole world like the first game despite being much more secular in nature. My personal fave area has to be the Palace of the Fates near the end of the game, the way all the individual areas and puzzles are so intricately connected in the Palace of the Fates is just masterclass game design.
The first God of War primarily focused around building Kratos' backstory and giving him character development, but God of War II puts more emphasis on expanding the world of God of War and boy does it do so marvelously. Bringing in many various legends and myths from the story of Chronos and the Titans to the three Sisters of Fate Lachesis, Atropos and Clotho or Jason from Jason and the Argonauts (Shout out to the skeleton enemies that have animations and move similarly to the ones in the 60s Argonauts movie) Icarus, Prometheus and Perseus (Who is also voiced by Harry Hamlin who played Perseus in the 80s Clash of the Titans movie) among others. This game is filled to the brim with references to heroes and legends in Greek myth and so much detail went into making them feel authentic in this world and that's one of my favorite parts of the game. No other game has captured Greek myth as well as God of War II has.
While the combat is mostly the same as the first there are some newly added magic powers and an expanded weapons arsenal adding a couple new sub weapons (although I honestly find those kind of useless), but where the gameplay of God of War II is truly expanded upon is thanks to Kratos being able to grapple onto things alongside getting many items including an amulet which lets him slow time Prince of Persia style or a pair of wings to glide with which add an extra layer of dimension to both the platforming and puzzles that are found throughout the game.
God of War II is a game that takes everything I loved about the first and turns it up to 11 making it more grandiose. Whether that be the higher stakes narrative, detailed world-building with much love for the mythology it represents or expanded gameplay systems, if God of War (2005) set the standard for action adventure games then God of War II redefined it and raised the bar in every way imaginable. A sequel just as iconic and memorable as its predecessor and a journey well worth going on even 15 years later.

Esse é o melhor GOW do ps2, colorido, vivo, e totalmente incrível. Totalmente válido o numero 2 no titulo.
Mas ainda sim tem algumas partes que os playtester só n quiseram jogar.

Continuing the replay for Ragnarok
It’s a phenomenal sequel that easily tops the original, but like I said in my old review (that I deleted for some reason) it’s not the best in the series

An excellent sequel. It takes everything that works from the first game, tightens and improves it, while dropping a lot of the more painful elements. Combat is addictive and cathartic as ever. Traversal and set pieces have improved. Puzzles are less annoying.
The only area it falls behind slightly is the story. As a game campaign, it delivers more epic moments, more fun set pieces. But as a story it feels like connective tissue between 1 and 3, not without its highlights, but not as compelling as the exploration of Kratos' back story, or the showdown on Mount Olympus.
Still, overall I think this is a better game than its predecessor, and an enjoyable action game even today.

A great improvement to the original in many ways, grand in scope and scale but I love how the game feels like a action packed but crescendoing burn to one of the craziest finales in video games. The last few boss fights are absolutely insane and the narrative resolution just expands upon the original games story in a satisfying way, even with a cliffhanger ending this is easily hands down one of the best cliffhanger in video games that despite my nostalgia still gives me chills. Absolutely loved returning to this despite some moments of frustration... but gonna blame that on my stupidity. This is one of the best sequels in games ever.