God of War: Ragnarök is the ninth installment in the God of War series and the sequel to 2018's God of War. Continuing with the Norse mythology theme, the game is set in ancient Norway and feature series protagonists Kratos, the former Greek God of War, and his young son Atreus. The game is expected to kick off the events of Ragnarök, where Kratos and Atreus must journey to each of the Nine Realms in search of answers as they prepare for the prophesied battle that will end the world.

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the last of us but with nordic skin,like the gameplay still good but oh god the story

They took everything I loved about Dad Of War and improved it so much. I love God Of War.

its a great GOW game the best out of all of them
combat is so good and gaphies are on a different level

se eu quisesse ver um filme eu entrava no Netflix. Porém as cenas e o combate é muito bom e diferente

Honestly amazed at how much better this was than 2018. Combat has been dramatically improved, puzzles have been dramatically improved, variety in enemies and environments has been dramatically improved, pacing has been dramatically improved, and the presentation/storytelling remains as great as always. This is the video game equivalent of a Marvel movie, and even as someone who doesn't like Marvel movies I liked this game quite a bit. And unlike any Marvel movie I've seen, this game actually made me feel things.

There are some strange casting choices in this movie. I never would have imagined Thor as an obese trucker or Odin as a Jewish mafia boss.