Goosebumps: HorrorLand

released on Oct 29, 2008

Goosebumps Horrorland is a Goosebumps game released on October 28, 2008 for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2. This game was a tie-in to the Goosebumps Horrorland book series released a few months prior to the game. A child receives a ticket to HorrorLand in the mail, not knowing why it was sent to him. His friend Nate then appears and states that he too received a ticket through the mail. But he is not too worried about it and is very happy to get to go to Horrorland. The child asks his mother if they could go and they get dropped off at HorrorLand. As they arrive, they find a monster at the Front Entrance. Nate questions it to be someone as a swamp monster. The guy in the costume says that he is a "Horror" as in "Horrorland". The child says he has a great costume and the Horror lets them in, and then he laughs suspiciously.

At the Theme Park, they both go to Vampire Village where they have made the Fright Restriction, where the rides are more "fun". The child feels nervous and suggests that they should go back to the ride Calamity Canyon. Then Nate runs to a fake coffin and starts to act strangely. He acts as a vampire, lays onto the coffin, & it closes on him. The child struggled to open the coffin, until it opened and Nate disappeared.

Meanwhile, after the child goes on the Roller Ghoster to save a girl named Gigi, he tells her what is going on with Horrorland, until a police Horror (Monster Police) tells him to hand over the girl, they both run to get away until the Horror trips over and they both hide near Roller Ghoster, fooling the Horror. Gigi tells him a hiding place in Vampire Village where he can find her.

At Mad Labs, the child gets a Horror mask from a Horror mask shop. It was the shop owner's last one. The child says it feels like skin, until he puts it on. It then gets stuck on his head and he starts to feel funny, until he turns into a Horror.

Meanwhile in the Secret Tunnels, the child gets caught by Horrifico. He knows that the child is imposter & changes him back into his human form The child says that he is getting out of Horrorland with all the pieces of the ticket. Then, Horrifico then mocks him until the child squirts him with Evil Dust and runs off.

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the cd rom game with the jeff goldblume vampire was better

NOOOOTHING compares to how much this game formed my personality. Absolutely nothing. I rememebr every section. I rememebr being terrified by the end of the final boss. Like damn bitch why did this slay my pussy so hard

Begged my parents for this game. Loved the last ride for the Egyptian-themed area. Still have my old save from like 2012, should replay it again and see if I can beat it since I gave up on the last ride for the vampire area I believe.

finally completed this after almost a decade and a quarter jesus christ, fun but sometimes aggravating

I liked the Goosebumps books quite a bit in Elementary School (especially the choose your own adventure ones), and thought this seemed like a really neat set-up for a game. And you know what, for a while Goosebumps Horrorland isn't too bad. You walk around the park, playing the various mini-games and earning tickets along the way. I liked the sense of progression and everything seemed thematically appropriate.
But on Wii the game all falls apart toward the end with a genuinely abysmal mini-golf game with literally broken controls. No matter what I tried I could not get this thing to work. I didn't see any evidence of others successfully getting through this section who weren't on PS2, so if you are one of those people let me know. I was simply extremely frustrated that I couldn't hit credits on this one so deep into the game.

It was okay, was hoping for more of an adventure but it’s kinda just a buncha mini games