Gran Turismo 7 brings together the very best features of the Real Driving Simulator. Whether you’re a competitive or casual racer, collector, tuner, livery designer or photographer – find your line with a staggering collection of game modes including fan-favorites like GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School. With the reintroduction of the legendary GT Simulation Mode, buy, tune, race and sell your way through a rewarding solo campaign as you unlock new cars and challenges. And if you love going head-to-head with others, hone your skills and compete in the GT Sport Mode.

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Gran Turismo 7 is not only a racing game but also a virtual museum of automotive history. The details and information included is extensive, and exponentially increased my interest in race knowledge, tuning and strategy. A game that keeps getting better over time with free updates and quality of life upgrades. Pretty much everything is impressive graphically, each car is full of detail.
Racing feels the best yet out of GT. The haptic feedback feels amazing when accelerating/ braking. Unfortunately work still needs to be done on the World Circuit races as each race you have to carve your way up the pack against subpar AI. Progression through menu books is alright but I wish there was more depth to it, and more challenge. I hope this changes with the new AI PD has been testing. Missions, license and circuit experience is all excellent, however I wish for circuit experience to have more details on each sector.
Sport mode is something else that keeps getting better over time. The time trails are nice inclusion and the races are mostly alright. The championships are fun to participate in. Penalty system is not perfect but continues to slowly improve from my experience. Upon release I would give this a 4 star but has since got much better. Not a perfect game but one I keep going back to.

stupid having microtransactions and i don't wanna hear "it's not all bad" but when Call of Duty has them. it's a big deal

One of the best Driving sim games I've played in a good while. Car roster is massive, the Driving feels great and very realistic, Graphics are fantastic, Missions and Licenses are very fun and challenging just like the older games, Car Customization and Tuning is varied and unique to where it's fun to test out different tuning builds and see what works and what doesn't and it allows you to transform street cars into Drift Machines, Track Monsters or Drag Cars if you so wish. Photo Mode is probably the best Photo Mode in any game I've seen to date, and it's fun to dick around in and take different pictures with different scenes, cars and locations! can easily spend hours on this mode alone. Game is very grindy a lot of the time and Driving events aren't really that varied or fun, Tracks are really good and well designed even though some of the original tracks of the series aren't really that good in this game.

Great first-person driver and PlayStation exclusive. I have never played a first person driving game before this and I was blown away in awe how good it turned out. Controls are great and graphics look realistic and awesome. Along with Sonic Colors: Ultimate, I played this game on vacation at my resort hotel's game room (specifically on their PlayStation 4). That's my first experience with these games. I recommend this awesome driving game for either PS4, PS5 or PSVR2 (Virtual Reality 2)

I love driving in this, I love the graphics, I love how it made me more interested in cars. The obvious problems with the game are progression based, its the always online , the roulettes giving the lowest thing every spin (I've must've spun over forty times at least, and I can only recall once getting something above the bottom tier: stack of coins). The micro transactions are on Fortnite levels as in $27 and you can have Kratos, its expensive to get in-game currency and its a long grind once the campaign is complete. This all being said, I got lost in hours of gameplay. The races can be tough, and some demand upward of twenty minutes of perfect execution with just enough accessibility options to not let you fail, and even with all of it turned on, you must keep your engagement. It is a phenomenal balance of challenge. I constantly find myself leaning toward my television, this is fun, and somehow has found a way into my heart despite all the negatives I listed. The devs cared about this, cars feel unique. Parts feel unique, the weather system is quite breathtaking from time to time. And I loved the campaign structure of collecting cars to progress through the story. Even the ending made me laugh out loud, probably wasn't the intention, but it made me admire it more. The car customization is extensive and has a sticker search engine which gifted me opportunities such as making a Communist Seinfield Mustang. (Flag of china across the top, Seinfield logo on the hood, with blends of green and red across the vehicle. In case you're wondering), People put lots of fun IP into this online database, and I found myself laughing my ass off to what I could come up with. I'm still playing to this day, and will happily continue to.
EDIT: They have improved the rate you make money, and I found that if you wait a day or so the raffles produce better results (Although I think thats a problem still), I have also found the addictiveness of both the online matchmaking and the license centre, the demand it has for perfection, perfecto. The game has earned a half star ;)

my first GT game, and definitely not the last, although this is far from perfect.
what the game gets right is attention to detail in all the car / racing parts, but completely fails in the gameplay/loop. 400+ detailed cars? i'm sold, they all look, sound, and handle distinctly. it's so much fun. photo-real tracks, great weather effects, great materials, lighting, god the game looks so good on ps5.
ok so you want to have to earn the greatest cars in the game, fine. how do you do that? you grind the same 24hr LeMans race against the AI over and over. you get minimal amounts of in-game currency for daily races, and 0 for custom races with your friends. the game just wastes your time when really what you want to be doing is experimenting with cars on tracks and trying to find your groove. Especially if you aren't interested in daily races with certain tiers of cars (which thankfully the game allows you to use even if you don't own them), and you just want you and your friends to race VW Minibuses on Dragon Trail, all of you have to own the car, own all the parts for it. and all that time you spent with your friends how does the game reward you? oh ZERO GT Cash. Just make it so every mile you drive you get some cash. no matter the event type. do the Call of Duty thing where even if you are losing the number goes up and you get something out of it. give bonuses for clean races/finishing on the podium.
give the hardcore fans spoilers or body kits as grindables. when my friend comes over i want to show him the coolest cars, not have to explain, "sorry, i don't have an additional 100 hours to unlock that car."