Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

released on Oct 27, 2002

In the year 1986, Tommy Vercetti is heavily indebted to his mafia superiors after a drug deal gone awry, but his dreams of taking over Vice City (based on Miami) push him down a different path. Featuring a wide variety of vehicles and weapons, radio stations playing hit songs from the era and an intense atmosphere, GTA: Vice City is an open-world sandbox satire of '80's Miami.

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Wow, just wow
GTA Vice City is like walking into an ice cream parlour and asking for every flavour there is, some of them taste good, some of them are ok, while others make you want to throw up. Eventually you're full but by the time you're full the last five or so ice cream flavours you ate were ok at best and disgusting at worst.
This game feels dated and old but not THAT dated. It's mainly the shooting that feels dated. The game suffers from random difficulty spikes all around the game that can be really annoying at times. There's no aim assist so you have to hit your targets with pin point precision other wise you miss which does get annoying after a while. Other weapons use a lock on system which while it mostly works there are a few times where I can't get it to lock on to what I want to shoot which is annoying. The driving is still perfectly fine though and it's still really fun to drive through Vice City (also the busted mechanic is stupid, I don't know where else to say it so I'll say it here).
The soundtrack has to be the best out of any GTA game though. Literally any famous song from the early to mid 80s is here and it's glorious. The aesthetic is great as well, driving around a 80s at night with neon everywhere with low poly graphics is a really unique vibe that I haven't seen any other game try to replicate yet.
The story is nowhere near as good as GTA 5 or 4 though. Most of the missions feel like busy work which, while entertaining can be annoying at times and can add to a feeling that you're not really progressing in the game. Having this game be set in the 80s however makes it so that there's little to no political satire, which is a shame because it's something I adore about the HD area games.
Overall GTA Vice City while dated, is still a fun game to romp through with a few rage inducing moments. Could 100% see how this would be revolutionary in 2002 though.

childhood classic and deserves a real remake.

the first gta game i played and it's a childhood masterpiece

top tier of GTA, the old online mod was 10/10