Grim Dawn

released on Feb 25, 2016

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

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This game takes Titan Quest's formula and improves on it a lot. It is no longer a potion chugging simulator, and adds additional mechanics to combat, like the constellation system. Very enjoyable ARPG.

peak sleep-aid, haven't slept this well since ueda games

Fuck, I love this game to death. I've been searching high and low for a game to fill the Diablo void, and this scratched the ARPG itch for me in every way possible. Love the world, the progression is satisfying, the lore is fun, god there's just so much here. Combat isn't as tight and polished as Diablo 3 but it's extremely crunchy and satisfying feeling. It's absolutely loaded with content and the gameplay systems make it very easy to build the kind of character you want to play. The options are staggering and i love getting a new piece of gear and thinking about how i can make a new character for it.
For all the praises I sing, only a few things that really bother me: the ending to the main campaign feels like something of an anticlimax, for starters, like they weren't entirely sure how to wrap the game up. The other thing is that pathfinding for movement is fairly awkward sometimes - this isn't too obtrusive, but Malmouth especially, a postgame area, is full of stairs, which seems to cause the pathfinder to go insane and makes you stop moving every 2 seconds. They're minor inconveniences in the end, though, and are easy to forget with the intoxicating amount of content for even the most passionate number-crunching loot collectors. Definitely my ARPG of choice, but that might change if the devs of Last Epoch figure out how to make it actually feel good to play.

This is my favorite ARPG, I played over 800 hours on this game and spent a bunch of time nerding out creating builds in grim tools as well. My favorite character was an arcanist/occultist who used the chaos aether ray to disintegrate my enemies while being super tanky and regenning from the damage I dealt.

big fun ARPG yeah this game fucks
I still think you should be able to change classes though

game rules hard with all the DLC and stuff and its like the biggest ARPG ever so that fucks hard but progression is pretty linear and gameplay gets redundant especially if you wanna try out new stuff but who cares becasue i made a lightning shaman who shoots mosquitos and kills bosses in 3 seconds