Gunstar Super Heroes

released on Oct 06, 2005

Your enemies intend to use a powerful crystal to resurrect the devastating God of Ruin and it's up to the Gunstar Heroes, Blue and Red to stop them! Developed by critically acclaimed developer, Treasure, this fast-paced action game will push your Game Boy Advance to the limits!

-Blast your way through six intense levels and defeat an evil empire
-Choose your hero: play as Red or Blue to combat powerful enemies and gigantic bosses
-Amazing visuals create an unforgettable gaming experience

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how'd they flop so hard with this

Solid follow up to an all time classic.

A solid followup to an amazing game. Wasn't too big on the changes made to Black & Orange's levels, but the boss fights and movement options are addictive.

the uppercut alone justifies this game's existence, run and gun action games without one since have all been fucking up

GBA remake of Alien Soldier when