released on Dec 07, 2018

A rogue-lite hack and slash dungeon crawler in which Zagreus, son of Hades the Greek god of the dead, attempts to escape his home and his oppressive father by fighting the souls of the dead through the various layers of the ever-shifting underworld, while getting to know and forging relationships with its inhabitants.

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This review contains spoilers

Holy fuck, this game had my balls in a vice for a month. I was so resistant to playing this game for so long and for what??? This ended up being my favorite game that I played this year.
My first thought is that I think the story is overrated! It's not bad, and it's certainly decent enough to keep me intrigued, but it's also nothing really to write home about it imo. I think the Greek gods and goddesses hold a certain mystique in the brains of older zoomers, and younger milennials from the Percy Jackson and GOW days that makes us want to see how their characterized in new media (like Hades). But in terms of plotting and characterization, Hades is fine. Zagreus starts of delightfully charming and he learns to bond with his parents, but he doesn't really get all that much progression beyond that.
However, I'm not docking any points for the story, because this is the game that finally got me into roguelikes. I loved dying and then having enough currency to permanently upgrade my character. It made me feel like all the times I banged my head against the labyrinthian walls of Hades worth it. As Zagreus got more powerful in-game after each escape attempt, I got better with the game as well. It only took me 20 or so attempts to escape successfully, but this game was so fun, I put in another 60 hours to fully complete it, see the true ending, and beat the game on 16 Heat. It is such a true delight.

Mon premier rogulite et que dire, juste excellent, la quantité de dialogue me surprendra toujours, le lors du jeu est fournie (si vous prenez la peine de lire les dialogues), le gamplay peut paraître répétitif mais il y a beaucoup de variétés d'armes et de pouvoirs (chaque game est unique en son genre), attention le jeu est dure et très frustrant.

One of the most addicting Roguelikes I've played, I sunk so much time into this game and once I did feel the burnout it was basically over. My only real complaint is that once you understand how the game works there's basically nothing that can stop you, since the game isn't that hard mechanically compared to other roguelikes. But it's very minor, the game other wise is amazing, the style, mechanics, characters, all of it meshes to make such a fun and interesting world you want to see develop more and more as you go through runs.