Heavy Rain is a cinematic psychological thriller from game developer Quantic Dream exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Dealing with a range of adult themes, the game revolves around a sophisticated plot and strong narrative threads that explore a complex moral proposition. You assume the role of multiple characters with very different backgrounds, motivations, and skills in a world where each player decision affects what will follow.

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Every time I replay this game the harder I laugh at how seriously this game takes itself. The acting is corny as hell, the fight choreography can be absolutely hilarious at times, and Ethan and Madison start fucking on the floor while his son's life is on the line. If you're looking for a genuinely good and serious narrative game, keep looking cuz this ain't it. But

It's a story-driven game that tells a lousy story, but it was cheesy and pretty enough for me to see the whole thing through.

I bet this is a blast to gawk at with friends.

S'ils habitaient pas en Bretagne aussi...

The story is very strong for a game, but not as strong as a film.
Its interactivity is also very strong for a film, but not as strong as a game.

Очень крутая игра мне понравилось. По типу детрйота(создатель тот же). Сюжет хороший.