Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete

released on Dec 31, 2000

This compilation contains:

- Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia (base game)
- Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade (add-on)
- Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death (add-on)

When Erathia's King Gryphonheart is murdered by traitors he is resurrected as an undead warlord who leads a ruthless invasion of his former Kingdom. Little resistance is met until his daughter Catherine, Queen of Enroth, returns to her homeland commanding an army of elite Enrothian warriors. Meanwhile the Necromancers raise large hordes of undead and advance towards the Erathian capitol. Queen Catherine receives the aid of her father's survived generals and embarks on a crusade to reclaim her lost land.

You control the greatest heroes and fiercest creatures in a conflict of epic proportions, as Cathereine fights to restore her family's rightful reign, uncover her father's killers and free him from the dark prison of his undead body!

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Complete Edition

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As good as turn based strategy on the pc ever got.

Hotseat is definitely the best way to experience multiplayer games, this is a fact that cannot be disproven. In more popular, primitive outings a player is limited to using their voice, or more appallingly, written words (yep it's true, look it up). Not being cavemen, however, many people have realized the great benefits that the sense of touch provides to competitive vidya gems. What does a person do after seeing thousands of skeletons stacked at their city gates? Resort to petty deceivery? Beg? Accept defeat? They make full use of their mouths of course, for this is how heroes are made - not through reckless acts of tomfoolery but pragmatism and adaptability (homies using teeth are forced to play inferno next round though, I don't make the rules).

Eu joguei diversas campanhas em co-op revezando um PC com o meu irmão, ele nunca conseguiu chegar perto de ganhar em nenhuma delas, mesmo sendo 6 anos mais velho. Fora o fator nostalgia, tudo nesse jogo possui uma sinergia única, criando uma experiência de gerenciamento e combate por turnos majestosa. Valeu cada minuto que eu deixei de dormir a noite para jogar.

I made a commitment to myself when I started this Backlogg'd that I would only log games that I played since starting the Backlogg'd, even if only for a little. Well, I noticed I had this beloved game o' mine on Steam this morning and fired it up and fired my brain back to middle school. Goodness gracious how much I loved this game.
I played so much of 2 when I was even younger (and calling the Rogue units "roo-zuh" (like the makeup) and my eyes popped out of my sockets when I got 3.
It's more or less everything I ever want from a video game. It feels like a comfy blanket, it feels like home, it feels like peanut M&Ms. The GOAT, plain and simple.