Hidden & Dangerous

released on Jul 29, 1999

The player play four Allied commandos in operations during World War 2. Mission vary from bomb planting to hostage rescue. The player can even drive tanks and other vehicles.

The player can control a soldier in FPS mode and control the rest in a tactics mode.

The campaign is divided into many episodes, and each episode into missions.

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Jogo de tiro tático abaixo da média, bem mais difícil que parece, mas o pior é a fase de dirigir aquele carro blindado, tudo fica lento e acertar qualquer coisa é quase impossível.

Tactical bits are kind of fun but the game is killed by some driving missions where the framerate seriously drops into the low single-digits. Ooof.

It's a mildly interesting game for a short time, and not quite worth the effort.