Hollow Knight

released on Feb 24, 2017

A 2D metroidvania with an emphasis on close combat and exploration in which the player enters the once-prosperous now-bleak insect kingdom of Hallownest, travels through its various districts, meets friendly inhabitants, fights hostile ones and uncovers the kingdom's history while improving their combat abilities and movement arsenal by fighting bosses and accessing out-of-the-way areas.

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Still playing, not that far into the game.
I bought hollow knight back in like 2019, but quickly realized my computer was too shit to run it. Only recently got to play it and I gotta say, the gameplay is really fun.
Yes, I am getting my ass absolutely DEMOLISHED by these little bug fuckers, but so far I've felt that every boss was doable, nothing felt impossible which really kept me going.
So far, really enjoying the game. Maybe I should start paying attention to the lore more, So far it kinda has just flown over my head

i have never played a game better than this, and i dont think i will

Very adorable, but it struggled to keep my attention. I like all the funny noises everyone makes

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