Hollow Knight

released on Feb 24, 2017

A 2D metroidvania with an emphasis on close combat and exploration in which the player enters the once-prosperous now-bleak insect kingdom of Hallownest, travels through its various districts, meets friendly inhabitants, fights hostile ones and uncovers the kingdom's history while improving their combat abilities and movement arsenal by fighting bosses and accessing out-of-the-way areas.

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This review contains spoilers

Perfection, or close to it.

The graphics are beautiful, the music feels like its resonating off my very bones, the boss fights are memorable as hell. The story for what it is, is phenomenal. For all you lore freaks out there it offers even more. Theres so much to this little game its unbelievable at times, and the extra DLC content adds so much more to an already beautiful game. ESPECIALLY the godslayer DLC. By god. Perfecting every boss on radiance was one of the most exciting feelings I've had in a long time. The pantheons are so unbelievably fun too. I can't say enough for this game. It's the sole reason I got into metroidvanias and I need to say again. Christopher Larkin on this soundtrack was unreal. Pure Vessel is the rawest videogame track I've ever had the pleasure of hearing in-game. That secret boss was bone chilling. I love this game so much it hurts. Everything I write makes me remember another 3 I forgot to mention.

My second favorite game of all time and the beginning may be slow but it is one of the best games I have played with amazing combat, artwork, and music that perfectly sets the moon there’s not a single bad moment after the beginning

Honest masterpiece in every regard. Exploring the abandoned world of hallownest felt great. Combat is simplistic but deep, with the bosses being some of the best in the industry. Fun characters you feel for when you learn of their pasts. A must have if you own the system that can run it (Fun fact: you do)

A perfect game in every department.
Great lore. Great character design. Incredible sound design. Challenging but always rewarding. No wonder every metroidvania Top 10 includes Hollow Knight on the high spots.
Truly a masterpiece.