Hollow Knight

released on Feb 24, 2017

A 2D metroidvania with an emphasis on close combat and exploration in which the player enters the once-prosperous now-bleak insect kingdom of Hallownest, travels through its various districts, meets friendly inhabitants, fights hostile ones and uncovers the kingdom's history while improving their combat abilities and movement arsenal by fighting bosses and accessing out-of-the-way areas.

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Jogo espetacular até agora, quero ainda ver em que áreas é que me consegue surpreender.

I had some indie bias before starting it. However, it turned out to be a great metroidvania soulslike game. Graphics, grinding, combats and boss fights are splendid. Despite being metroidvania, it is as good as From Soft games. It definitely surpassed my exppectations.

Silly little bug game that makes walking anywhere a treat. I have gotten 1 of the ends but plan on 100% the games somewhere down the line.

Finished it with 102% played 60 hours. Boss rush DLC was too difficult for me, aside from that, amazing game.