Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

released on Mar 10, 2015

A sequel, sidequel and prequel to Hotline Miami (2012) with similar unlockables, violent top-down gameplay and '80s Miami/modern electronic aesthetics, Hotline Miami 2 follows multiple factions related to the events of the original game as they commit increasingly bloody and surreal acts. A greater emphasis is put on storytelling, and the boundaries between real and fictional violence.

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gameplay melhorou bastante mas fica muito abaixo do primeiro jogo

Полная хуйня по сравнению с первой частью но форматным зашло

i got a feeling i wont rate this as high and will write an actual negative review , until then all i need to say is that the off screen enemies are bullshit 99.91% of the time

I’d say the first half of Hotline Miami 2 is great, but the second half becomes quite frustrating, and ramps up difficulty to the point where memorization is required in place of my apparently slow twitchy reflexes and precision. Levels with dogs in the dark was just annoying. OST is significantly better and the duel-wielding is killer, Death Wish is a great level. Overall, prefer the sequel.