Hotline Miami

released on Oct 23, 2012

A top-down slasher/shooter with unlockable gameplay-altering masks and weapons, featuring a neon-flavoured electronic aesthetic, in which a hitman receives anonymous calls ordering him to travel to certain residences and crime dens and massacre those within, as he stumbles through unreal visions and inconsistencies without any answers to how, why or who.

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Mann there's some REALLY frustrating levels in this game ffs. It's just there i suppose, soundtrack goes surprisingly hard icl.

Tremendamente adictivo a pesar de lo crudo que es. Siento que a veces tenía que hacer "trampas" para pasarme algunos niveles, pero no lo hace menos divertido

Wearing the Richard mask and driver (2011) jacket to become the most autistic man in existence

thank you john wick chapter 4 for finally making me play this