Hotline Miami

released on Oct 23, 2012

A top-down slasher/shooter with unlockable gameplay-altering masks and weapons, featuring a neon-flavoured electronic aesthetic, in which a hitman receives anonymous calls ordering him to travel to certain residences and crime dens and massacre those within, as he stumbles through unreal visions and inconsistencies without any answers to how, why or who.

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Incrivel o conceito que esse jogo aplica, a simplicidade, ao mesmo tempo complexo, é viciante de jogar, a história é muito louca, vc quer so descobrir mais sobre, a o que falar da trilha sonora, perfeita. Pra mim é um masterpiece, jogue agora.

In my opinion, a rather uniquely satisfying game. Specifically, the gameplay. Learning what route you're going to take, perfecting the timing, quickly resetting when you inevitibly die.. I only really got frustrated at a couple points in situations where it just wasn't clear what to do/where to go next. Or maybe how to get into a particular room without being killed immediately. This though is kind of understandable due to the pixelated style and plus, I was playing on a small screen (Vita). Definitely a fun game, it can get your blood pumping, and there's definitely replayability there if you want it. The story isn't what pulled me through. Just the urge to beat one more level each time. Great game and I should probably try the sequel. Also love the variety of weapons and play styles.

booted it up for the first time in 10 years, got a 12 hit combo and couldn't help but think "HELL YEAH" as the adrenaline rush goes through me.
Fantastic Game

Very few games deserve their reputation like Hotline Miami does. It's simply excellent, and if you haven't played it you're really missing out.

A game where u kill dudes, they're like, strong dudes, but u have instant reset powers, i love this flavor of difficulty, its so sweet and andrenaline pumping, there's nothing unique i could say about this game. The sequel is better.