How to Train Your Dragon

released on Mar 23, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon is an action-adventure game based upon the film of the same name.

Challenge your friends to become the ultimate Viking hero. Create your dragon, with countless ways to customize their looks and abilities! Complete challenges to increase speed, power, fire, and more. Fight and flame your way through exciting training sessions.

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It was kinda bad but the dragon creater was goated

What do you get when you cross Pokémon, Street Fighter and shit?

This game is an insult to How to Train your Dragon, while it is cool that you can all the dragons you see from the movie, as well as new dragons, the game sort of falls flat after that.
The game has a nothing story, where the obvious antagonist, is going to cheat/use a new dragon, which you can later unlock and use. Customization is cool with you being able to customize your dragons to look how you want.
Burk itself is very bare bones, not that interesting to explore.
Also when you're game breaks down between: Flying through Rings like super man 64 (not saying the flying is bad, just it's literally just riding through rings lol) and the fighting which I don't exactly remember, except it was extremely easy to use.
I remember at max this game took me about.. maybe 10-20 hours to complete, considering I was a kid when I got this game. But now thinking more clearly I honest to god think this game could've been completed in about 3-4 hours which makes me kind of mad.

its fine for a vidya game based off a movie but there is rly not a lot to it

its basically pokemon with dragons. i liked it