Hyper Demon

released on Sep 19, 2022
by Sorath

Hyper Demon is an FPS like no other. A pearl of lightning. A dream from the future. A drop of poison. A swan song. The faster you slay demons, the harder the game and the higher your score. There is an end. Will it see you?

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unreal horrific imagery, astoundingly ingenious game design, watertight perfectly crafted punishing gunplay, absurdly high skill ceiling, helped with an accessible and inviting tutorial and a fantastic ranking system that makes it instantly addictive to want to grow and get better at the game....
i would go on more about the way this game is designed - from the 4d 360 degree proximity warnings that flash on your screen, to the way enemies move and behave in a way that is contingent with everything else in the game, to sound cues and movement tricks and metas and tricks that can be learned with frequent play - but ill be honest, im not good at talking about that shit. the game design here is too complicatedly crafted for me to explain, but trust me this game is absolutely perfect when it comes to killing you fairly and killing you often.
from just a technical standpoint this is absolutely everything i want in a fps game mechanically speaking. while there's no story or real function of the game beyond "shoot the fuck out of everything as fast as possible", it doesnt need it at all.
and no theres no way in hell im beating this i could not even beat devil daggers these games are way too hard for me.

If Devil Daggers was evidence of Sorath having lost their minds, Hyper Demon is evidence of a kind of Lovecraftian ascension.

I don't even know what the fuck I'm looking at half the time.

This review contains spoilers

I wish I could like it more, but the final boss section broke my backbones and now I still can't recover from it. Having 15+ Unification with the eye of god is surely an experience.

The Devil Daggers developer returns from the void with another arcade shooter that functions more like an inversion than a sequel.
It retains the same shart-or-spray primary weapon, and the enemy archetypes (skulls) are functionally identical, but the change to the scoring system is a brilliant slight of hand.
Instead of being an endless arcade shooter where your score is determined by how long your session time was, Hyper Demon counts DOWN and forces you to raise the time/score by killing enemies in rapid succession.
Aside from some cute philosophical implications (Devil Daggers is a theoretically perfect game, and Hyper Demon can be theoretically perfected), the immediate change is that beating your high score and improving your performance no longer incurs diminishing returns from the player.
Hyper Demon is an overall improvement over Devil Daggers, and a fascinating case study in game design, and how radically an experience can change with the slightest tweak.