I Spy Fantasy

released on Nov 14, 2003

I Spy Fantasy is a hidden objects game based on the I Spy book series.

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one of my top games as a kid and an adult

such peak from walter wick so goated

A first person point-and-click hidden-object adventure game based on the children's book series, containing 3 different fantasy scenarios with pre-rendered CGI maps and puzzles that emulate the toy-diorama style of the books. There's the medieval sandcastle, where you need to save the princess from a dragon by collecting the keys you find from completing the hidden object puzzles, a Martian space colony where you need to find the energy spheres from the puzzles in order to fuel your rocket back home, and a mermaid ocean theme that I forgot everything about since I played this one way less than the other two as a kid (there's also 3 different difficulties for each scenario, choosing even more well-hidden objects for you to find in each of the puzzles once you've completed them).

One of the first computer games I ever played/owned. I remember my mom copied the cd-rom from the library. Extreme level of nostalgia for this game.