I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

released on Aug 25, 2022

Spend your teenage years on an alien planet in this narrative life sim with card-based battles. Explore, grow up, and fall in love. The choices you make and skills you master over ten years will determine the course of your life and the survival of your colony.

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An incredible game about relationships, capitalism, colonialism, and what it means to be human.
It's one of the most touching video game stories I've played. A story that can wrap around you like a cozy blanket, only to tear you away and toss you out into the rain.
I don’t normally NG+ games because I have so much to play but I immediately jumped back in the moment credits rolled. There’s a compelling time loop mechanic that provides context for it.
I’m kicking myself for not having played it at launch. If you've had even a slight interest in Twine, I highly recommend it.

this game makes me feel many things . sym my beloved ….

This review contains spoilers

Every so often, you get a game that hooks you straight away. A game that you're thinking about for every moment you're not playing it, and a game that you'll be thinking about for a long time after you've completed it.
For me, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is one of those games. The writing is incredible. Every loss hit me because the characters felt so real, and the way that choices interlink to create your own unique narrative is incredible. By the end of the game, my ending and the choices I made felt like the consequences of my actions paid off. And because I cared about the characters, all of my decisions, how I chose to spend each month, felt so tense and terrifying as the game progressed and the stakes got higher.
Also, I love the trans representation in this game. I liked the games fluid approach to gender and how you can change your expression, identity, and name whenever you feel like, even if I never used the feature (I played a girl the whole time). I also loved the trans characters in the game itself, especially Tangent, and how her transness is an important part of her identity and arc without focusing on cliched transition-related angst. There's a scene in the medbay between her and Utopia, another trans woman, that nearly made me cry.
In short, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, is a game I loved, I highly recommend, and I will probably be thinking about for a very long time. It's probably not for everyone, but it was for me, and at the end of the day that's all that matters.

This review contains spoilers

I finished my first playthrough after about 7 hours and 54 minutes, I may have powered through some writing. I enjoy that the game actually feels like it has a lot of different options and choices you can make that affect how the game goes. The card gameplay is pretty simple, but enjoyable. I wish there was a way to ditch useless cards (really don't need a 0 Crawling card near the end of the game) outside of resting, but I suppose that does give the game some difficulty. I know it was at least making things more difficult on me because I wasn't getting rid of small point cards until way later.
The music is nice and atmospheric and the artwork and graphics are nice. The world does absolutely come across as being very foreign with some absolute abominations straight from H.P. Lovecraft. My biggest ask for an improvement on the art/graphics would be for characters to have more than the singular static pose when you talk to them. Or maybe I just talked to Tangent too much and I didn't notice them changing?
Speaking of, character-wise I enjoyed quite a few of them. Somehow I ended up trying to make Tangent my best friend and eventual romance right at the start because she looked the coolest and had dope as hell hair. Then she shaved it and somehow became even colder than before, and I died inside. Thankfully before the end of the game she grew out a dope pixie cut and started interacting, acting like a human more. I also straight off the bat enjoyed Anemone, Cal, Rex, and Nomi-Nomi. I do wish there were more interactions with some of the adult colonists, being able to build friendships with them too. Granted I suppose your decisions are what create your relationships. I just would have enjoyed hanging with Utopia more tbh.
Anyways, it was a solid game. I'm interested to see how things can pan out different in a second playthrough. Considering I put almost nothing into the yellow skills, I think I may go that route this next time.

He leído en varios sitios que el juego tarda en arrancar, pero tras 4 horas del mismo bucle jugable, creo que ya le he dado oportunidades suficientes para que me sorprenda. Pese a que la idea es interesante y algunos de los dilemas que plantea pueden estar bien escritos, el juego falla prácticamente en todo lo demás:
- El apartado artístico es muy mediocre. Las ilustraciones de los personajes no varían ni un ápice para mostrar ninguna emoción. Casi ningún evento va acompañado por imágenes, solo por textos.
- El juego de cartas, pese a ser entretenido por momentos, es muuuuuy básico y se vuelve repetitivo con demasiada prontitud.
- Como he comentado anteriormente, el bucle jugable no varía prácticamente nada durante el juego, con la única decisión como jugador de qué barrita subir ese mes.

I liked the storylines and fun RPG elements, but after one playthrough of a full arc, I wasn’t interested in revisiting anyone. Fun world building but that’s about it.