Inscryption: Kaycee's Mod

released on Mar 17, 2022

An update for Inscryption

Kaycee's Mod is a free mini-expansion for Inscryption that hacks Leshy’s Cabin into an endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike. Apply different skulls to your run to ascend the Challenge Levels. Reaching new levels unlocks new cards, challenges, and dev logs inscribed by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she uncovered the secrets on the disk.

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fun little inscryption roguelike that works well enough but ultimately isnt as interesting as other roguelikes of the same genre

you can play the best part of inscription as much as you want

Extremely addicting. Now we just need the other versions to be playable

While Act 1 is everyone's favorite part of Inscryption the actual card game mechanics were, at least for me, one of the smallest parts of that. The cards are good throughout, what elevates act 1 is the immense sense of mystery and intrigue, the stoat and stinkbug, clues from previous victims, the feeling that even in your deaths you're building toward a plan to outsmart your captor, stakes being so high that your dude is willing to rip out a tooth for one extra point.
Turns out when you strip all that down and amp up the RNG/roguelike stuff it makes for a significantly less captivating experience. By the end of the core game the story contains practically zero of what initially hooked me, so even though there's probably more lore to uncover in here I'm not really interested in hearing it. Can't help but feel the existence of this narratively undermines the main game a little, too.
It's still good, and I'll probably return to it often enough, but I have to massively disagree with those claiming this is the better version or what the core game should be. On paper, sure, it's the universally-agreed best part of game expanded, but missing all the elements that made that part feel so fresh, made it feel more than just an addictive card battler.

Waay harder than the base game, and quite frustratingly so to be honest. While an endless mode like this makes perfect sense given the base game, I feel that winning or losing is entirely out of your hands to the RNG gods most of the time. Huge power variance between cards worked fine in the base game but is quite irritating here