JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

released on Oct 31, 1999

A port of JoJo's Venture

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the console version of 1998 Arcade game of the same title. Two console versions were produced. The 1999 PlayStation version is based on JoJo's Venture, but features the additional characters from the second version of the arcade game and an exclusive "Super Story Mode", which covers the entire Stardust Crusaders story arc. The Dreamcast version, also released in 1999, features both the original and revised versions of the arcade game in their original forms.

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to quote a totally different part and medium

Played this in an arcade machine at a local venue. Really good fighting game based on Part 3 of the series.

Solid fighting game from Capcom, enjoyable even if you're not a JoJo fan.

a rare fighting game where all of the console releases kinda suck ass in some shape or form, outside of the ps1’s exclusive story mode.

i laughed, i cried, but most importantly I got 2-0’d by vinesauce joel one day. awesome game