Kabuki Warriors

released on Nov 19, 2001
by Genki

As a fight promoter for a troop of Kabuki warriors trying to travel from Edo to Kyoto, your actor/samurai must possess both strength and style. Along the way you will have to fight other Kabuki troops, garner the crowds favor to receive tips, and trade warriors with your defeated counterparts. You will need a very accomplished group of samurai when you arrive in Kyoto to defeat the city's star troop.

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only gaijin have a problem with this game, particularly insidious types who wear anime pfps but can only stand it localized. note that two thirds of the major publications negative reviews derisively refer to kung-fu and chopsocky; they never were sending their best. the common hater cutely embraces "eurojank" but disavows this cultural love letter from the masterminds of bushido blade and kengo. ah the fights are too short and simple? heard of mono no aware? no but you've heard of "ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah slavjank"? curious . . .