released on Jun 09, 2005

Sneak into a world of underground assassins as Harman Smith, a man who manifests 7 deadly personalities, the killer7. Take control of this distinct murderers' row as they hunt down the sinister Kun Lan to thwart his plan of world dominance.

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A funky goody. Cram packed with stuff to discuss for hours. Delightfully strange premise, perhaps more interesting in theory than in practice, but a certified classic no less. It's Friday night, let's dance!

So weird so odd but so cool

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We don't talk about what happened to the Killer6.

As always, I will be avoiding story spoilers, but I will be speaking vaguely about it to give you an idea of what to expect.

Killer7's story does a lot of unique things I rarely see in games. Each stage has you taking down a specific target, but how you do it and the events that lead up to them do a good job of making you think about the situation you're in, along with whether or not you should be completing this job. Aside from that, you're seeing all these cutscenes and talking with other characters who describe the current state of the world to you, give you details about who you're hunting down, and also talk about their own experiences, shaping their characters more and more as you progress.

When you first boot up the game, you're thrown into the first stage without too much plot given to you. You can talk to a weird ghostly character dressed in red and they'll give you some info when you see them, but it's a slow burn to get to the meat of Killer7's plot. When I first played this game years ago, I didn't latch onto it since I didn't really have motivation and didn't quite understand the mechanics. Killer7 is a game where you need to give it a fair amount of time before you can really sink your teeth into it and enjoy what it's offering to you.

Killer7's gameplay is just as unique as the story is. It has a rail-shooter vibe to it due to how you aren't moving your character in a traditional way. You hold down a button to move on a set path with another button allowing you to turn around. When you approach doors and forks in the road, you then tilt the analog stick in the direction of said fork/door and hit a button to enter. It takes a little getting used to, but after a while it feels natural for this game's structure.

Aside from moving, you'll also be shooting. Killer7 has the player facing off against a bizarre group of foes referred to as Heaven Smiles. You'll mostly face ones that walk slowly towards you before exploding. However, the further you get, the more variety in foes you'll face. There will be ones that roll and run towards you. There will be giant ones. There will be ones that can only be taken down with explosions. Some you'll face periodically throughout the journey, while others you'll only face once. There's enough variety here to keep you on your toes throughout this adventure.

Each enemy is also invulnerable and partially invisible until they are scanned, which is thankfully as easy as pushing a button (literally). Doing so will also revel a weak point, which will instantly fell an enemy if shot. Shooting this weak spot is also how you'll be getting two types of resources: thin blood and thick blood. Thin blood can be used for charged shots that deal big damage, character abilities to solve puzzles, and to heal. Thick blood is used to upgrade characters.

Speaking of characters, there's a good few you'll be playing as here. You have a few personas that you can switch between from the pause menu, each with their own stats and abilities. You have a character that can turn invisible. You have a character that's a wrestler that uses exploding shots. You have a woman who uses a scoped weapon, allowing you to hit specific parts of distant foes easily. You also have a character that picks locks and yells this every time he shoots an enemy weak spot (I played as him the most). I don't think there's a character I disliked out of the cast. Each one served a unique purpose, and I got use out of all of them throughout my playthrough.

The presentation is where the game shines very well. The graphics have a cell-shaded look to them, and the environments are drawn out in a way that makes the whole experience feel straight out of a comic book at times. There are also a good amount of anime-style cutscenes that caught me off guard with their quality. Sadly, with the rerelease of this game on Steam they didn't try to remaster these scenes, so they're kinda low-res compared to the rest of the game. They're still very viewable and enjoyable, though!

Thankfully, my list of issues with this title is small, but there are some things I wanna address. Firstly, there are some instances where enemies can get some hits in on you quickly when exiting a room. I remember one in the third stage where I would be quickly ambushed by three foes and lose a ton of health or die because of it. There's also this issue where the camera will get locked in the wrong position if an enemy hits you while you try to turn around, making it impossible to see what's ahead of you while moving unless you enter and exit a room.

There will also be instances where you are nudged in the direction of using a specific character for certain situations without being given a heads up. For example, the second boss you fight is far away from you, and you're required to hit a small part of their head to defeat them. Of course, this is a job for the persona with the scoped gun. However, when entering each stage, some personas are locked out until you defeat enough Heaven Smiles. After that, you have to manually awaken them in a room where you can upgrade your personas in order to make them selectable. I didn't do this for this character by this point, and I could not leave the boss fight to go perform this action, so I needed to restart the game in order to feel like I had any chance of winning.

These issues aside, Killer7 is a really cool and unique experience that I highly recommend. A fun and interesting world full of unique political situations, weird characters, and cool gameplay await you here, and you owe it to yourself to dive in.

In the name of Harman...

really unique and weird game with a really convoluted story and strange gameplay and yet I still quite enjoyed my time while not my fav Suda game mostly because the combat I feel like if this was controlled like Resi 4 I would've liked it a lot more, there also a lot of puzzles that are quite obtuse but you get used to it lol except for the one where you have to listen to a whole 10 minutes of cassettes and take notes to answer then a quiz on this dudes life

I beat this multiple times, which says a lot for me. Across all difficulty levels, too.
Hard to say what exactly I liked about this bizarre, stylized experience. But sometimes, bizarre and stylized really draws me in.