Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

released on Mar 29, 2007

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories is a full remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, released on the PlayStation 2. In Japan, it is part of the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ compilation and has connectivity features with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. As there were no plans to release Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix internationally, these features were modified for the North American release.

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The card system is pretty fun, the game has a pretty good story, and my favorite villain in the series, but it definitely is not for everyone. Sleights are absolutely busted when you have a good deck.

This might be the worst game I have ever played to completion. Definitely the worst in my adult life.
I hear a lot that the battle system is difficult to understand, but I don't think that's true. I think the system is very easy to understand but executing the combat oscillates wildly between brain dead easy and unreasonably challenging. I have to assume at some point that all the little variables that feel off (hitstun on Sora being too long, a lot of attacks just whiffing inexplicably) are the result of moving from 2D to 3D, but I can't imagine this system ever felt great.
If you take away all the gameplay you have the story left. A lot of people say the story is what makes this game great, but coming into this as a 30-year-old with no nostalgia goggles I have to point out that the story is basically non-existent. Sora's story involves what would, in any other JRPG, be a half-hour emo phase intermission before he realizes the power of friendship, but now stretched over 20-ish hours. Villains stand around plain white voids and speak vaguely of their plans, which seem to mostly involve backstabbing each other to no clear end. Riku's story is marginally better as it feels a little more focused, but the antagonists unique to his story have a shocking dearth of characterization. I'm vaguely familiar with the rest of the series and I thought I'd be able to get into Zexion, but the only thing Zexion does before dying is sit in a barren room without the lights and announce that he's smelled things.
I'm a freak who listens to old time radio for fun and a lot of the shows that adapt novels/comic books will add a character specifically so the protagonist isn't talking to themselves. When this character is good in their own right it feels pretty seamless, but in the bad shows it becomes extremely obvious when some random dude with a tenuous relationship to the main character is there to explain the protag's job to him. Chain of Memories is the bad OTR adaptation of itself. It's a J.J. Abrams mystery box without the spectacle of lasers and space battles to compensate for boring theorycrafting. It's the recap episode finale with a promise that the next season will make the recap worthwhile. It's a load of bull, is what it is.
Justice for Larxene, the only character. She is a girlboss gremlin and I love that for her.

The best movie I have ever watched.

Shelved- likely abandoned for the most part, the card system. Thats all i need to say. 😅

Indo por um caminho bem diferente da franquia em questão de gameplay, e recontando um ponto importante de sua história agora em moldes 3D, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories ganha força nas suas linhas narrativas de conflitos pessoais dos dois protagonistas, se aprofundando nas relações interpessoais que sustentam Sora, e trazendo a tona um novo lado tridimensional de Riku.

O jogo traz isso por meio de uma aventura mais particular, em um cenário menor, guiada por suas estranhas leis que mantem a cativa no enredo e na construção do palco da sequência enquanto intercala com revisitas a antigos cenários para dinamizar a aventura.
O problema começa com a má utilização de alguns mundos Disney, que as vezes parecem mais empecilhos do que um apoio a narrativa devido sua repetitividade. O outro ponto notável é o modelo de gameplay que, por mais criativo que seja na adaptação da versão original, acaba apenas abrindo janela para soluções ou muito inteligentes ou muito bobas, o que frustra muito o sistema.
Por fim, Re:Chain of Memories é um jogo que vai pra um lado interessante narrativamente, mas que por decisões repetitivas de design e de gameplay acaba por ser um pouco rebaixado em comparação a outros da franquia.