Kirby's Dream Land 2

released on Mar 21, 1995

Kirby returns and has joined forces with new friends in this thrilling sequel!

The Rainbow Bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery! Search through the different islands while battling King DeDeDe and his horde of evil minions.

Along the way, meet Rick the Hamster, Kine the Fish, and Coo the Owl. Each possesses important abilities that can multiply the magnitude of Kirby's powers! Earn the mysterious Rainbow Sword, and prepare to face Kirby's most menacing rival ever--the evil Dark Matter!

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It's honestly a step down from Dream Land 1 and Kirby's Adventure, the level design is worse and I feel like the music is less memorable, but still an enjoyable game

Great music and appealing graphics. Pretty typical as far as Kirby games go, but this entry makes some pretty frustrating design choices later on, involving a lot of backtracking to get copy abilities specific to certain Rainbow Drops.

A sequel to Kirby's Dream Land but with the gameplay of Kirby's Adventure with the new animal gimmick... It's not that weird but naming it after the most successful version would've made a bit more sense I think, though Kirby's Adventure 2 is a pretty boring name.
Like before, this Kirby game feels like a technical marvel for the Gameboy with the nice graphics and smooth gameplay, it's really weird to think of it like that but Kirby games were the most visually impressive game of the NES and Gameboy generation, it even had great gameplay that still stands the test of time.
This game takes a queue from Kirby's adventure where you go from world to world, do X amount of stages, beat the boss. The main issue with this is that in this game you have this new ability where Kirby has pets he can ride, these are overpowered as all hell! In my opinion, this is the easiest Kirby game you cannot lose if you are riding an animal.
The stage also tends to be on the easy side where they are all really short and your biggest enemy might as well just be the instant death fall pits.
Overall it's a very fine game on the Gameboy but nowadays it does get a bit boring when you play it with how each stage really feel the same, the monochrome art style of the Gameboy really doesn't play in the favor of the game.
This game also has a true ending once you get all of the thingamajigs in each world to beat Nightmare I suppose but I wouldn't bother with it.
Should you play it? Sure it's a really competent Gameboy game but also a pretty boring Kirby game and it's shorter than Kirby's Adventure.

The level design is way too simple, and one of the three animal companions just sucks eggs (I'm looking at you, Kine).

um pouco mais longo do q deveria ser e talvez dependente demais de gimmicks, perdendo um pouco do charme simples do primeiro. mas ainda amei de paixão e adoro q o kirby tem amiguinhos.

The companions are pretty cute but the mechanic itself was really poorly implemented and, maybe besides Coo, they're not fun at all to control. Add to that a level design that ranges from bad to mediocre and some of the most unremarkable soundtracks in the series and you get a pretty underwhelming and forgettable entry.