Kirby's Dream Land 3

released on Nov 27, 1997

That mean old King Dedede is at it again! He's causing his mischief and Dreamland's in trouble! Kirby, the resident hero of Dreamland, sets out to teach Dedede a lesson, this time with the help of many of his good friends!

But wait! Something's wrong! Dedede doesn't seem to be himself...

Looks like Kirby has to stop Dedede and find out what is wrong with him! It almost seems like something's controlling him...

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While it's a step backward from Super Star in terms of level design and combat complexity, DL3 makes up for that with its amazing art direction and, in my opinion, the best soundtrack in the series. Plus Zero rules.

DL3 doesn't play as well as any Kirby before or after it, doesn't do collectathon as well as any after it, and honestly just doesn't have good level design.
Man is it cute though. It's lovely. I could look at it forever. Still not very fun though.

The level design is extremely basic. A lot of the levels feel incredibly repetitive. The aesthetic is amazing though.

"It's not Super Star. But once you get past that, you can appreciate Dream Land 3 for what it is" - Gandhi
The third and final game of the Dream Land trilogy that just couldn't push the franchise forward like Super Star. Dream Land 3 is a game I kept seeing images of online and kept thinking "Wow this game looks adorable" and then realized how nobody talked about this game outside of its art style, guess the reason was pretty simple... it's just a very boring Kirby game that plays exactly like Kirby's Dream Land 2 and just ignores everything that Super Star did. It's not a terrible game by any means it just does nothing unique and it's similar to the Final Fantasy 7 and 8 situation where 7 just raises the bar so high that you know the sequel just won't be able to make the franchise rise to a new peak once again. So yeah, this is no Super Star 2 but it's excused by the prettiest art style in the entire Super Nintendo library this game looks stellar and if you are here you probably know about that since it's the only thing that drives people into playing it.
The main gimmick in this game is the new secret task that you need to do in each stage to satisfy some character at the end of each stage and doing those are necessary for the true ending, guess what? They suck ass it's not fun so I just didn't bother and looked up the true ending online, if you want people to bother with collectibles you must make them fun just like in Kirby's Return to Dream Land these were fun to collect.
There are 6 stages per world and they all are fine in a Kirby standard but god they all feel the same, it's like trying to remember New Super Mario Bros Wii stages, you can't! They all just do the "Snow world, Grass world, Water world, ..." and it's just sad to see after how unique Super Star was.
Should you play this game? It's a basic as basic can get Kirby game and it's not too long so why not, just don't expect another Super Star.

One of the most gorgeous snes games.
But the puzzles of each level felt really annoying the more you go on and the animal friends are kinda too broken.. even for a Kirby game.
Gets an extra point for that Samus cameo tho

I know this might be an unpopular opinion but I am going to out right say it. This is not only my favorite game in the Dark Matter Trilogy, it is also my favorite Kirby game in the entire series.
This game genuinely has a lot to love in it. The music is ambient and beautiful, the Art direction is amazing. The abilities and animal friends are fun. This game just really has a lot going for it. I think its a bit hypocritical of people to rag on this game but praise Kirby 64 because in a lot of ways, this game and kirby 64 are incredibly similar in their design choices.
Also, the true final boss of this game is an absolute blast thought too many spoilers, even if you find the objectives to get there annoying, its completely worth it to 100% this game.
Does this game get a recommendation from me? Absolutely.