Kirby Super Star

released on Mar 21, 1996

Kirby Super Star, released as Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL regions, is a platforming video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. The game was advertised as featuring eight games: seven short subsections with the same basic gameplay, and two minigames. Kirby Super Star sees players take on the role of Kirby, who can float around the screen, inhale blocks and enemies and spit them out. By swallowing certain enemies after inhaling them, Kirby can copy their abilities and use them as his own, becoming able to perform a wide range of attacks. A unique feature of the game is the addition of helpers. When Kirby is in possession of an ability, he can choose to transform it into a helper character which can be controlled by a second player or the computer AI.

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Many people hold Kirby Super Star in high regard, I know many who would also call it the best Kirby game. While I don't think of it that highly (the original, anyway) as many others do I do think it deserves the credit it gets. I did not realize how important Kirby Super Star was for the franchise until I started this Kirby marathon and played the games in order.

Kirby Super Star is the first game in the series to give more than one simple attack to the copy abilities. Now, in addition to the various copy abilities at your disposal, you now can perform multiple different kinds of attacks depending on various factors. This adds a whole new level to the gameplay and really makes Kirby feel more fluid and versatile than ever before.

Kirby Super Star has a bit of a weird structure in how you play the game. There are 6 smaller stories here with each one having something different to offer. I'll be going over each of them and how I feel about them.

Spring Breeze - A sort of remake of Kirby's Dream Land, although incredibly stripped down. It would have been nice if this were a full on remake of Kirby's Dream Land but I suppose it's good for what it is.

Dyna Blade - Standard small scale Kirby story. You go from level to level and beat the boss at the end. Nothing really special about this one other than this is where you can find the Copy Ability room. It's serviceable.

Gourmet Race - Fun little mode where Kirby and King Dedede race and eat as much food as they can along the way. Nothing much more to say about it other than the music slaps.

Great Cave Offensive - This cave do be really offensive. I'm not a fan of this mode. It "encourages" exploration by hiding tons of treasure in various locations, but it doesn't really amount to anything. You can breeze through this mode without looking for any treasure at all and nothing would change. It ends up just becoming a bit of a slog and I wasn't a fan of how mazelike it was. There was an area entirely dedicated to finding treasure with no real exit to proceed forward, and I didn't realize that until I had explored all of it, feeling like I wasted my time.

Revenge of Meta Knight - This is more like it. I love this story. Kirby infiltrates Meta Knight's ship, Halberd. Fight through the various areas of the ship and defeat Meta Knight. Something I really like about this story is the interactions between the crew members that pop up from time to time. They're very charming. Also there's a ton of cool bosses in this story, Main Cannon, Heavy Lobster, and of course Meta Knight himself. There's also a super cool ending sequence where you have to escape the exploding Halberd as Wheelie Rider Kirby, it's just genuinely awesome.

Milky Way Wishes - The final story of the game and another good one in my opinion. Copy Abilities here are limited and you have to find them yourself until you can use them, but once you find them you can choose them whenever you want. THIS gives me incentive to explore the levels. The final boss in this story is one of my favorite final bosses in the franchise and I think many people feel the same way.

Sometimes I feel like the collision detection/hitboxes are a bit wonky in this game. I also don't like how the enemies take so long to kill compared to other games. Maybe it's just me but I don't remember it taking this many hits to kill Bronto Burt in either the remake or the other games in the franchise. Despite these complaints, I don't really have any other issues with Kirby Super Star. I don't think it's the best Kirby game but it sure is a damn good one and I completely understand why so many hold it in such high regard and why it is an important step for the franchise as a whole.


I think I finally do get Kirby now. I initially dismissed this game after playing the more minigame like sections, making me think that the whole game was like that. The 8 games in one thing made me think that. But really, most of the game consists of actual levels divided into sections with different rules to each of them. The game is honestly very engaging through and through. Love the art style as well, it is gorgeous.

Really, this is more on the lines of what I was told Kirby was like. I'm not going to be able to say the same for some of the others that I'll play soon, but I loved this one. I don't know if I prefer it or 64 but I know both are top tier for this franchise.

Probably my favorite Kirby game. This is a collection of mini games of different sorts. You have a remake of the first Kirby, an arena, the revenge of meta knight (a personal favorite) and more. It’s fun and does feel super easy as some of the other Kirby’s feel.

excellent collection of short but sweet adventures (fuck great cave offensive tho)