Landlord of the Woods

released on Mar 17, 2021

A short game about feeling as if you are behind all your peers.

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A solid artsy puzzle game. Didn't really speak to me on any special level, unfortunately, but a good time.

nice aesthetics but i'm so ass at point and click games

Doesn't really tie its themes up as cleanly as I'd like, and some puzzles feel pointless but it's seriously hard to not smile a little at this game for its brilliant aesthetics and charming moments. Oh, and the music doesn't fit the tone like at all. Overall fun

It's a cute short game for a buck, hard to diss it.

Very comfy, very cute, relaxing, meaningful, and relatable. Now you may be thinking, "But Alexa, you hate landlords! Why would you recommend a game about being a landlord?" to which I would say, oh don't worry, all landlords get what's coming to them :)
(cw for teeth and body stuff. not in a gross way, they're cute teeth and cute body stuff but, y'know)