LEGO Island

released on Oct 02, 1997

Lego Island is a nonlinear game with a first-person perspective. The game features a series of missions including pizza delivery, jet ski racing, and putting the Brickster back in jail. It also features a variety of playable characters that each have unique abilities that can help the player throughout the game.

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this is so good and funny, if i was a kid i would have been completely obsessed but it's a fun trip to see, the production value seems so high for a mega old lego game
brick by brick is best song

I'd consider this the Deadly Premonition of 1997. The game is objectively not good and not well optimized, and you could beat it in one sitting. However, it has such a huge charm and personality that it pretty much defined my childhood.
Bear in mind I wouldn't recommend playing this game if your gaming palette is in such a state that you wouldn't be able to tolerate a framerate mess of a game that is very picky about the system it's running on. It's really one of those "you had to be there" games.


I remember absolutely loving this game as a kid. I tried looking for a ROM of this game so I could play it on Windows 11, but the ROMs either didn't work or ran slower than the fat kid on the track team.

if you didnt run this game at 5 fps on a computer that looked like this i'm sorry you missed the golden age of gaming.