LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

released on Apr 05, 2022

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a third-person action-adventure with an open world hub. Unlike previous Lego games in which players had to advance through the story in a linear order, players can now choose to start the game from any of the main Skywalker Saga episodes and complete them in any order they wish. Each episode has their own hub filled with planets featured prominently in each respective film that can be visited and explored. Each episode will have five story missions each, a total of 45 levels.

Combat has also been revamped, such as lightsaber fights now involving a variety of combos with light attacks, heavy attacks, and Force moves, and blaster characters having an over-the-shoulder camera angle featured in many third-person shooter games.

Random encounters will also happen in the game's hub. For example, an Imperial Star Destroyer will suddenly jump out of hyperspace and send a fleet of TIE Fighters after the player. Players can choose to engage in dogfights with them or continue onward to progress the story. The game will have more than 200 playable characters, though TT Games has said that number will change.

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It's a very fun video game, and I quite like the combat, although it could have been polished much better. The semi-open worlds it features are good, although they could have been better utilized.
Now, the downside. Playing this game in multiplayer is a disaster (speaking of the Xbox One version; I'm not sure if it's the same on other platforms). The resolution drops so much that everything becomes blurry and hurts the eyes, and there are scenarios where the fps drop horrendously to the point where it feels like the game is running at 15 fps. It's definitely better to play it solo.
I'll come back later for the 100% completion.

On pourrait presque croire que les films de Disney sont bien avec ce jeu

I really need to finish this it's so good

não possui os personagens divertidos como antes

the splitscreen fucking blows dude. probably THE most important thing to get right when remaking this game, and they fumbled the bag