released on Apr 01, 2022

Two lookouts meet in a desert, far from the sight of their gangs.

With more in common than they could've expected, they scout out a town with rumours of gold.

What will become of this fateful meeting?

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useful information to consider: i am a gay guy and as a gay guy this is what my basic necessities are made of (gay sometimes furry vns or any other piece of media really) and therefore ive lately been on a . lookout (i would say this wasnt intentional but i cant deny ive been smiling through my teeth while thinking about this horrible pun ok just bear with me rn) for gay stuff furry stuff vn stuff so a friend recommended me this one and WOW I LOVE THE GAYS
its been some years now that ive become enthralled with the whole furry sphere of existence and lately this appeal grew stronger again after reading echo (i finished it but i have to meditate about what to say about it ok so in the meantime lets talk about the cute western whatever the fuck cowboys idk The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with gay and trans people spaghetti type beat (im italian and this sounds very wrong ok))
somehow the next evolution of a gay person sometimes ends up being the cringe furry uwu rawr xd mess that i am today and thats probably because the 99% of the community consists of gay (broader term) people and i currently have no idea if the authors of this game consider themselves furries but thats not important . i know what you are
so this game is basically brokeback mountain but without the female love interests due to internalized homophobia or the milking cows stuff idk i actually have never seen a movie of this genre and the whole western setting gives an edge to the story that kind of makes the ending more satisfying
now i tried to be as calm as possible but its time to say that this game is SO FUCKING CUTE MY GOD I LOVE EVERY SINGLE INTERACTION THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE UGHHHHHHHHH i love my babies i love them so much i rooted for them i watched them grow i watched them umh get umh touchy ...er in the purest way possible ?
ok well . furry games or media in general kinda have a stigma of being porn fueled and honestly ? not that far from the truth i also believe nsfw stuff carries the whole community sometimes (i have nothing to complain about i love porn) but this game OOF this game is written in a way so tender and gentle that every line seems appropriate for the slow infatuation of the 2 protagonists that wouldnt work out if everything was horny centered (again if i say that this doesnt need sex that means THIS DOESNT NEED SEX)
main guys are a great center for the whole narrative and even the side characters add shades of personality to the entire story and atmosphere and even though the game is relatively short (i have no fucking idea how much it took me to finish it maybe 2 - 3 hrs) they managed to make them richly written
the art style is what bewitched me to begin with its muted sepia colors and adorable character design is just ugh immaculate art direction that you dont usually see anywhere else and competently encapsulate the vibes of the story
story that i loved and made me cry at the end wow literally im the worst person to be consuming any type of media with because more than half of the times i will be a crying mess at the end of it
they specifically made this game for me they said here you go this is for you joseph being my boyfriend prototype and the protagonist being my self insert if i were traumatised in a western setting without an arm and pew pew guns trying to have a happy ending with the sexy bird from the neighboring bandit ranch
yeah idk in the end i liked it a lot ost is good writing is great and characters are amazing maybe i will bump it up to 4 stars someday even though i wanted it to be a bit longer
anyway i still need to emotionally recover and if you show me the scene where they go "the night may be cold but he was all the warmth youd need" you WILL be the next shoulder i cry onto so beware
also joseph beat the shit out of me at vingt et un that i later realised is actually blackjack (which i shouldve recognised because its actually ventuno in italian and thats pretty close to the french name ok thats beside the point though) and either way i dont know how the fuck to play it im not good with cards joseph i failed you
still screaming over the scene where they sleep together (as in SLEEP together you dirty ass get off my review) like... i love them so much i wish cowboys were real

Gay trans furry cowboys! Super cute story and super cute stylized animation. I got pretty emotional.

very sweet without being cloying! great atmosphere, solid writing. all the characters were great. really good at creating a sense of wanting to linger. also i liked the fact that them being animals was actually acknowledged in game! i've seen it more commonly be a purely stylistic choice, so it was fun to see it come up in dialogue.

really really heartwarming. def check this one out if you are a purveyor of gay furry vns. me and who