Love Live! School Idol Festival

released on Apr 16, 2013

Love Live! School idol festival is a free-to-play rhythm game released for iOS and Android, based on the Love Live! franchise. The game features two modes (Story and Live) and all nine members of the idol group μ's. The school idol group Aqours was later added to the game as a major update on July 5, 2016 with its accompanying songs, stories, cards and events. The players are free to switch between μ's and Aqours mode in the game.

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Ansiedad es lo que me daba este juego.
Constantemente jugando para conseguir LPs SIN PARAR.

forever going to mean a lot to me. excited for sif2 <3

About to meet its demise on March 31, 2023.
I knew absolutely nothing about the universe besides Maki and "some other faces" at the time I first played on July 2017. I was just looking for another rhythm game at the time, you see. The girls were only a plus. And while I did stick by for the gameplay, it ended up being a big ride nonetheless.
I learnt all the songs both Muse and Aqours had by playing so much (from my perspective) I knew most of them by reading the name alone. I grinded the events.
I realized that YohaRuby was, in fact, a very underlooked pairing. I ended up pulling for Ruby cards most of the time instead of Maki, my initial choice. Ended up getting my desired card. Didn't pay a single cent though.
I also suffered with everyone when that Live Show Event with CheerDay CheerGirl happened (hey hey hey mite yo).
When I stopped playing, slightly before Niji got added, I had full combo'ed most of the expert charts and many of the 10 and 11 master charts. Only SOME 12s tho. I really wanted to SS Beat in Angel but I lost the skill now. I'll never forget that Royal Expert title I got from the performance test though, most proud moment of my life.
This is some mad rambling, isn't it?
Despite my initial doubts with the lack of external knowledge, this game was there for a quite lengthy and important part of my life.
I may not have been the biggest fan (didn't even get to rank 300, forgot all of the ingame story, didn't dolphin) but the girls made me smile every so often, and in that sense they suceeded.
Thank you, SIF. At least I'll be transferring the album for your sequel that I'll likely won't play much.

can't wait for sif2 to make everything worse