Lucky Luna

released on Sep 08, 2022

Lucky Luna is a vertical scrolling platformer in which players will explore temples and dungeons while learning about the past of the protagonist Luna. Interestingly, there’s no jump button in the game.

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Me da pena decir que no me ha gustado, porque le tenía ganas a este juego, pero quiere ser un plataformas preciso con los controles más imprecisos que he visto en mucho tiempo y un diseño de niveles regulero. Además, es super ortopédico, tanto mecánica como visualmente, y no tiene nada de contenido. Al menos el arte y la música son resultones. Una pena, de verdad.

Some beautiful art and music but let down but some frustrating level design. A lot of the difficulty comes down to waiting for an opening somewhere, then rushing into an unknown area. There is really value there to get all the collectables but I didn't have an urge to go back after credits rolled.

A unique platformer that unfortunately demands a level of precision from the player that the game can't quite match. One particular challenge near the end of the game had me nearly pulling my hair out, requiring absurdly precise movements to maneuver a series of floating platforms through crushers whose great speed far outpaced my patience. Precision platformers and touch controls just seem like a tough combination, maybe that's why I can't play Celeste on my phone. Additionally, many of the game's secrets seem to require the player to make blind leaps of faith that reward the player with either gems (yay!) or instant death (boo). Things I did like: evocative (though sparse) bits of storytelling, deeply satisfying plinks and plonks when collecting gems, some fun challenges (the ones that didn't make me want to drop my phone into the sewer).