Mad Rat Dead

released on Oct 30, 2020

You've got one day to live and a big score to settle in Mad Rat Dead! Combining elements of action platformers and rhythm games with a cartoon-meets-punk art style, this crazy caper has you guiding a newly-resurrected rat in his quest for vengeance. Move in time with the music, smash through hordes of enemies, and rewind to escape hairy situations!

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A very fun game - just beware, hard mode pulls no punches for unexpected patterns. Having 100%'d the game, it's a fun game and worth your time/money if you're into rhythm games or platformers.
And to reference GGST, listen to your heart, not the voice in your head.

she panasonic on my blu ray till i hh gregg

Really charming, but a lot of clunk gets in the way of the flow state the game seems to be trying to get the player in. Feeling the beat and moving to the rhythm would feel much better without all the random stage hazards and the changing beat that you can't possibly predict only by ear

okay that was a good game. great story, fantastic music, genuinely enjoyable levels. i think sometimes its a bit too finicky? like the homing attack specifically, and bosses feel like they werent designed with the rhythm aspect in mind. but overall, a great game
also, as someone with a heart transplant myself, i love the representation