Marsupilami: Hoobadventure

released on Oct 06, 2021

Discover with Marsupilami: Hoobadventure, a brand new adventure inviting young players and adult alike to take control of the three Marsupilamis from the Palombian forsest.

Punch, Twister and Hope are three Marsupilamis living a peaceful life in Palombia. Their lives are about to take a drastic turn when they accidentally open a sarcophagus whilst playing with debris on a beach, releasing a mysterious ghost cursing all the animals! Thankfully, our three Marsupilamis are immune to the curse and decide to set out on an adventure and find the ghost and reverse the curse.

Inspired by the comic book Marsupilami from Franquin, this 2.5D platformer will take you on a colorful journey through the Palombian jungle, a coastal city and even an abandoned temple. Jump, punch, dash and swing with your tail like only Marsupilamis do!

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Everything about this is dogshit BUT the gameplay is one of the best I have ever experienced in the genre, this makes it better than at least 10 games I finished this year.
Yeah, I played because is a DKC clone... didn't pay off as I was expecting, but just the very existence of this game is funny AF

it was really nice of Nintendo to make a multi-platform Donkey Kong Country game

Mostly there but not all the way.
Marsupilami is a really well polished 2D platformer that controls tight and looks beautiful. I had fun playing it and that's all that really matters. The regular levels were very much on the easy side. The only real challenges come from collecting and going for gold medals on time trials. And even that is all well within reach. The game also features a fourth 'bonus' world to complement the base game's three worlds. You unlock this world early in World 2. It has the most fun levels with have time trials that get close to pushing you. Then you can play all the levels in the bonus world on a harder difficulty after beating them all. It's the corner of the game that is the most rewarding and ends up taking up half your play time. When you finally return to the base game it comes off as even easier. Was a weird little off balanced quirk.
The game also only has two resolutions which is really really odd given how optimized it is otherwise. You can only select 720p or 1080p. Even manually using Unity commands to force the resolution in the launch parameters, it gets reset on the title splash screen. My desktop is 1440p, my Steam Deck is 800p. I would've loved to have either. Especially the 800p on Deck. Again, this game is phenomenally optimized. You can run it at 6W TDP on the Deck and never lose a frame below 60. It's impressive. It's a polished game both in looks and under the hood. I just don't understand the resolution limits. Especially ones with the same width ratio that wouldn't affect gameplay/timing of onscreen objects.
Fun. Polished. Just a little on the easier side and lacking an option or two. I'm also unfamiliar with the French cartoon source material but it was weird to show the other characters on the title splash screen and have them never be involved. I thought I'd be unlocking a character or something. Shrug. Well worth the price of admission for 10hrs of throwback 2D platforming. I'm happy.
[copied from my Steam review]

Marsupilami was a welcome surprise! This game is clearly riding Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's wave, and I mean that in the best way possible.
As a longtime fan of the DKC games, seeing this hidden gem (a licensed one no less) understand what made those games so fun - a good sense of speed, a solid difficulty curve, and tight controls - caught me completely by surprise. While the music was nothing too memorable, it was easy on the ears and fit the theming well. The level design was surprisingly good too!
I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a DKC fix since Nintendo won't give us one.

It all starts when a mysterious relic washes up on the beach. One of the marsupilamis goes to investigate, only to unleash an ancient evil! Now all of the world’s critters are possessed and a giant skeleton spirit is loose! It’s up to the three adorable marsupilamis to save their home!
Marsupilami – Hoobadventure is extremely visually pleasing! It’s a 2.5D side-scroller that is certainly not lacking in depth. The colors are super vibrant, making every single object and character pop. The worlds are bright and inviting, full of flowers and tropical animals, as well as adorable enemies. Yes, adorable enemies! Everything is just so cute and made me so happy to play!
The marsupilamis themselves are extra cute. There’s three of them that you can switch between. I didn’t notice any difference in abilities, so just stick with the one you like the best! I picked the one with the flower in her hair.
Sound Effects + Music
The music in Marsupilami – Hoobadventure is equally upbeat and enjoyable. It all has a Latin, island vibe to it. The main tracks sound like a ukulele and some whistling. Then each level has its own sound.
I also enjoyed the sound effects. There’s a sound for each collectible and for when you defeat an enemy. There aren’t too many enemy types, so there aren’t too many different sounds either.
The marsupilamis are mostly silent. They do sound cute when they get hurt, which is terrible, but it’s true! I did get a bit annoyed at the constant “Hooba!” that plays whenever the next level is unlocked on the map. However, my girl marsupliami sounded super cute crying “Hooooob” when she fell out of a level. Which happened a lot on the boss levels.
Gameplay + Controls
Marsupilami – Hoobadventure is a collectathon platformer, exactly my kind of game. It reminded me a lot of Donkey Kong Country, Crash Bandicoot, and Sonic the Hedgehog with similar gameplay and abilities. The marsupilamis have the typical walk, roll (run), jump, wall jump, and ground pound found in most platformers. But they also have a roll jump to reach further platforms and a tail whip attack. Everything is super smooth, any hiccups were mistakes on my part.
Not to say that the overall game is easy. It’s nowhere near as difficult as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Kaze and the Wild Masks. But I also wouldn’t say it’s as easy as a Kirby game. There are three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. I played on Normal, since Easy just makes you invincible. I found the default Normal to be perfect for me. It’s not hard, but there is some challenge to it, as some areas require some precise platforming.
I did switch to Easy for the final boss run, because there were just too many hazards, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I still died a few times by missing jumps, but not having to worry about getting hit made the level much more enjoyable for me. No shame in playing an easy game on Easy!
Each level has a slew of collectibles. There are fruits which give you an extra life when you reach 100, pretty standard. Fish renew your health and are usually found in boxes along with fruit. Feathers are the main special collectible, with six in each level. Some are out in the open, others in trickier locations. There’s also a hidden bonus level that rewards…something. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it looks like some kind of colorful stone.
Once you finish a level, you unlock the time trial mode for that level. Basically, go back and get through the level as fast as you can! I started doing these as soon as I beat the game and it was actually quite fun! It’s nice to not worry about grabbing collectibles or exploring, just roll and jump through until the end!
The boss levels are no combat. They’re essentially chase levels, which I found quite challenging. The screen doesn’t move too quickly, but there are a lot of hazards and tricky jumps. When you get hit the boss taunts you and then keeps going. He’s easy to keep up with, but I did find myself falling out of the level a lot by missing jumps. I just needed to slow down (odd for a chase level) and focus on what I was doing, then it was fine.
The only issue I noticed during my playthrough was in one of the bonus levels. I would go through an enemy and not take damage, but then other times I’d hit them and take damage. It was really inconsistent, especially since I did get hit so many times and sometimes it’d be fine and other times it wouldn’t.
Yes, there are achievements called “Success.” I unlocked several of them just by playing, but there were a ton more to get. And the game doesn’t tell you what they are! Some you can guess the general gist from the name, but not specifics. Just get back in there and start exploring!
With the built-in Time Trial modes, Marsupilami – Hoobadventure is infinitely replayable, as long as you want to keep improving your times. I’m not much into speedrunning, so I didn’t spend too much time with this feature. It was good practice though and I enjoyed getting the little timer symbol lit up on the levels.
But with all of the collectibles to find, I did want to go back and replay levels to find everything! I didn’t miss a ton on my first playthrough, because I was having fun looking around the levels, but I did miss enough to motivate me to go back and get that 100%! Not to mention those achievements, as well. And the game was just super enjoyable and ridiculously short!
One major con of this game is that it only has three worlds. That’s it. And it’s not like there’s a ton of levels or that the ones that are here and particularly long. It’s an easy game to pick up and play through again and again.
I loved Marsupilami – Hoobadventure! It’s a super cute and extremely fun platformer, and it came to me at the perfect time. After being majorly disappointed in Kaze and the Wild Masks and desperately wanting a new traditional platformer, I had high hopes and reservations about this one. Thankfully, it wound up being the exact game that I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I just wish it was longer.

Acabei de acabar o jogo de plataforma Marsupilami: Hoobadventure(Switch), e que jogo gostosinnho de jogar, quem gosta da série Donkey Kong Country(principalmente Returns e Tropical Freeze) vai amar o jogo. Mas nem tudo são flores(ou bananas....ou frutas...) nesse jogo, apesar dele ser muito bem feito, com fases bonitas e variadas ele é um jogo MUITO facil, o jogo fica dificil mesmo apartir do DLC/Update/mundo hidden world, principalmente quando se joga a variante dos niveis normais do Hidden World ou modo Cataclisma, tenho que admitir que perdi umas boas vidas nessas fases, mas vida é o de menos(ou de mais, dependendo do ponto de vista) já que o jogo te da vida por tudo quanto é coisa que você faça, coletar frutas, abrir caixas especiais, etc....terminei o jogo com cerca de 80 vidas, os niveis apesar de serem muito bonitos só brilham mesmo no Hidden World(principalmente no modo Cataclisma) que é aonde entrega fases com level designe muito bom e desafiante dignas do melhor DKC. As musicas desse jogo são bem gostosinhas e relaxante, nada muito memoravel, mas relaxante. Os personagens que você controla(3 ao todo) apesar de não terem falas ou expressões são bem bonitinhos e carismaticos(adorei o cinzinha). Uma ultima critica que tenho é que o jogo não tem chefes de mundo, quer dizer....até tem, mas a fase consiste basicamente em você correr o cenario inteiro atras do chefe se esquivando de perigos pra no fim encher de porrada o chafe(estilo fim de fase do DKC Returns), tenho que admitir que isso foi um pouco broxante. Devo ter demorado ao todo umas 5 horas pra zerar pegando (quase) tudo que tem pra pegar nas fases, todas as penas/ovos, todos os sub-niveis, só não fiz as fases no modo rush que é o classico passe a fase no menor tempo possivel. jogo que faz bem o dever de casa, mas só isso, digamos que ele poderia tirar um 10 mas se contenta em ficar entre um 7 e um 8. Quem gosta de plataformas vai amar, altamente recomendado para os amantes do genero.